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I already miss Spartacus. Gratitude Steven DeKnight for such an amazing series. I still only have the one icon, I suppose now I won't have any more :-(

There have been three meetings of the Star Trek Soup Group since I last updated.

The Apple aka Garden of Eden episode; Soup it began life as the Easter ham. It ended life as a ham and onion soup. It's been three weeks and I usually drink a few glasses of wine on soup group nights so I don't have any more to give you here.

The Doomsday Machine aka the one with the alien monster that internally looks like a flaming sphincter and externally looks like a piece of poop flying through space. Surely, you need no other explanation of the episode other than Kirk and Company won. The Soup began life as the bone from the Easter ham, was turned into pintos cooked with ham bone then subsequently turned into: shredded chicken and pinto chili.

Catspaw aka WITCHES. When I was a kid, like a LITTLE kid pre-Kindergarten sized kid, this episode scared the snot out of me. It was hysterical to see it today and realize how easily a child can be frightened. The "special effects" that made the black cat look big was pathetic. Ah, the 60s.

Soup: Broccoli risotto
Salad: beet salad

and lo, the soup and salad was fucking amazing.

I am uncertain if I will continue to watch The Vampire Diaries in the fall. I just ... I hate Elena the vampire. I hate Elena the non-feeling vampire even more. I want to like her! Nina Dobrev does an amazing job in all her roles, but I'm just over it and that makes me sad. The show has gotten so repetitious in certain aspects and damn but I hate to agree with Bonnie's dad, but y'all need to get up off this whole saving Elena thing and deal with the actual shit going down. Sigh.

It's so rare I stick with a show all the way till the end. Looks at Spartacus, I do still need to finish Gods of the Arena but when I do that there won't be any more so that may be a long while. Then again, it's nearly all Gannicus and Oenomaus and they are such a huge part of why I love it.

I continue to fall asleep during Game of Thrones and wonder where the hell they are in the book. I'm on page 600 y'all and yes, there's an obvious connection between the show and the book but the novel spends literally THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of words describing clothing and sigils and food and wine and stories that the TV show uses the camera to convey [and skips the stories] that I find myself enjoying the show so much more than the book that it makes me sad.

Book readers, is book 3 the big transitional set up book for the action in the rest of the story?

I did manage to stay awake all the way through the second episode of Hannibal [I fell asleep during the pilot]. I REALLY ENJOY HANNIBAL. The casting on Hannibal himself is just ... jesus. I hope I never run across that guy in real life because I would scream and run away.


The Good Wife gave me hope once again this week that my dream upon dream upon dream of Florrick, Agos and Associates will come true.


Dancing With The Stars is the shit. This season the dancing isn't so hot only about 3 real contenders. But I watch for the Dancers not the stars and Val has really upped it this season. You get to watch the pros dance with other pros on results nights and I would rather watch Val dance than any other male ballroom dancer I've ever seen. There's something so fluid and sensual about his every move. Even when it's a dance like Foxtrot or QuickStep he makes it sensual without being over the top SEXY like Max [although when they dance on the stage together there's some sort of kismet magic that happens]. The other men are amazing, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel a connection to them when they dance like I do Val.

I'm sure this means that it's a crush and not that he's the best dancer in teh world!

A couple of last year's SYTYCD ballroom ladies are on DWTS this season. One of them is dancing with a contestant and the other is in the troupe. That always excites me.

My job has been giving me gray hairs the past couple of weeks. I didn't need any help with that job, thank you. Between the people at Sprint and the people in Hilton Head SC government I'm about to lose my god damned mind.

Looks like May 6 will be when I get my cover-up finished. I can't wait!
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Star Trek Soup Group: my own version of potato soup [started with caramelized onions and garlic, no dairy, a bit of bacon, half potatoes were boiled and pureed, other half were baked then added at the last minute, dry sherry!] and Mudd's Women

Speaking of Mudd's Women -- this is one of those episodes I clearly and vividly remembered. Why? The chicks are so hot. I want to be the girl in the green dress and I want to own the lavender dress. And I remember Tom always saying it was one of his favorite episodes, therefore it was one of mine. Ah, the logic of the child.

ANYWAY: fandom tropes! Venus drug a la something that makes the three women completely irresistible to the men. The Venus drug also made the women more visually appealing. It apparently worked on both genders as even Uhura seemed to be effected. No Yeoman Rand, I wonder if she was recovering from the sexual assault? No Chekov. When does our favorite Russian join the crew? In the end, the women could make themselves beautiful with the power of their mind and the men on the mining planet decided it was better to have a wife that could do shit than to have a trophy wife.

ETA I forgot to mention the computer that functioned as a lie detector.

Caught up with SoA last night. JFC JFC JFC JFC

I banged out about 400 words of Juice/Chibs right after the episode. JFC JFC JFC

And then there was the Vampire Diaries. AGAIN JFC JFC. Can the real Katherine come back? Please? Pretty pretty please? Also, GOOD GOD BONNIE please let my theory be right and you're playing that mofo because otherwise? I don't think I can handle it.


Dear CW,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, loins, and all other naughty regions of my body for you picking such a gorgeous amazing cast. GAH!!!!

Re: teen wolf fic:

Remember, when you don't write the fandom OTP -- you don't get the hits. Or the kudos. Or the comments. Or anything really other than the satisfaction of having written down the story that was driving you nuts.

Remember this. Remember this. Remember this.

Why do I never want to write the fandom OTP?

Why are my favorite fandoms the ones where I'm pretty much the only one there?

Tonight: Skyfall with Julie

Saturday: more mowing up of leaves + fancy wine expo!! [must figure out what to wear to be dressy, pretty, and WARM]

Sunday: weights, cleaning, and cooking of the soup.

I think I've figured out why my ears won't stop itching!

I think the ear drops have dried the skin so badly on the inside of my ears that it's itching like dry skin/eczema because when I put some Udder Cream in there it stops itching for a few hours at a time.

Training my mom went OK. We'll see how long this goes on. I wore my personal trainer shirt and said,

"This is my forty dollar and hour shirt."

I don't think she got the hint.

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Vampire Diaries hit it out of the park last night. Thank you creating staff for *finally* giving us some resolution for the past four seasons.

Just so the world knows, in the final scene I wept. I honestly didn't believe I cared enough about the characters or the show to be moved by it again. I am so glad I was wrong.


Apr. 20th, 2012 09:24 am
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Because isn't that what brought us together in the first place?

Some shows I've tried out recently:

Missing - an ABC show starring Ashley Judd. It's another spy show, but unlike Chuck and Burn Notice it takes itself more seriously. But not super-crazy-sci-fi like Alias. Ashley Judd is a retired spy whose son is kidnapped. She kicks a lot of ass -- seriously *phenomenal* hand to hand scenes -- trying to find him. The other awesomesauce star is SEAN BEAN!! The rest of the cast is nice, except that one female agent I'd like to rip the tongue out of. But isn't there always one whose snark goes beyond the snark line and straight into jerk?

Scandal - another ABC show. ABC, when did you start having watchable shows? First DWTS, OUAT then Revenge, now Missing and Scandal. WAY TO GO!!! You have more shows that I watch than any other network. CW used to hold that card but then I gave up on a lot of those. I digress. Scandal, starring Kerry Washington [a woman of color] is about a group of lawyers who aren't *really* lawyers, more like fixers of bad situations. I actually tuned into this show because the lead was 1) female and 2) black. It was a little OOT in the pilot, but most shows are. It was imminently watchable, [livejournal.com profile] moosesal and I watched it together and agreed. It has a fairly diverse cast, well balanced between male and female, and there's also a Presidential-sex-scandal sub-plot.

I'm going to try out LA Complex on CW next week. It's got Firefly's Kaylee in it.

There's going to be a new show on ABC Family this summer about Ballet called Bun Heads.. And I saw a preview for something on the CW that's a docudrama about competitive ballet called Breaking Pointe. Everybody get their toe-shoes and resin ready for a dance-centric summer. Ballet + SYTYCD!! Dance TV 4 nights a week!

Not new show: Vampire Diaries. cut for spoilers )
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Any Vampire Diaries fandom person I have re-opened [livejournal.com profile] tvd_hiatus!!

I'm accepting prompts until 8 pm tonight [EST] and immediately opening claims at 8:01. Come join us!

Prompts so far
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Perhaps I should uncapslock it and post it to a community?

I seriously can't read fics where the physiology is incorrect, that's like expecting Spock to bleed red, yo. It ain't gonna happen.

In your fandom, what do fic writers do to canon that makes you insane?
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So last night Damon says to Elijah something along the lines of:

I've got a burning question to ask you

and I yell at the TV

"Who Does Your Hair!!"

Dear Damon,

Please go make an appointment with Elijah's hair dresser.


Hi Flist! My fever is GONE \o/\o/\o/
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vampire diaries )

I read an AWESOME Stefan character study last night i am the conscience clear by [livejournal.com profile] softly_me that just *nails* Stefan's characterization in a way that no one else has explored [to my knowledge] and Yes, THIS, and it fits so perfectly with last night. Stefan lives/dies as a reaction to the world around him. He lets other people make the rules and he follows them because he doesn't have a moral compass of his own because he lives/breathes/dies: rationalization
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Let us forget how irritated I was last week with a couple of what I choose to believe were missing scenes instead of bad writing and instead focus on one thing:

My show did in 42 minutes last night what it takes other shows an ENTIRE season [or longer] to do.

And there weren't any missteps. No missing scenes. No where the hell did that come from. It was full on in character, understandably motivated, *3* completely unexpected plot twists, and one new character introduced.

Also. I may have quit Secret Circle too soon. I haven't watched last night yet, but I will and report back.
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I've moved my tags to Pinboard paid the $9.45 [one time fee, there's an archival account type if you prefer], added my info to The Great Delicious Migration Google Docs Spreadsheet, and am patiently trying to figure how/what/where of how to get a type of subscription thing going. It doesn't currently have one, but I'm pretty sure they're working on it and you can search tags.

I'm turnonmyheels at Pinboard if you want to add me to your network if you go there.


Why do people insist on breaking stuff that works perfectly well?

The Vampire Diaries )
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Dear Vampire Diaries,

You overdid yourself with one little word. My heart was ripped out, thrown on the floor, shot full of darts loaded with vervain/wolfsbane cocktail, then stomped on, and set on fire.

Really? *That's* how you're going to end the episode? IMO it was the best moment of the show to date. But then, we all know I play favorites.

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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] bailunrui

Hello Kick-off to Fall Television!

SoA is under way and this season looks like it's going to be spectacular and completely Over-The-Top. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love every single character on that show each for their own reason, but I have to say if I ever met any of them in 'real-life' and they were to become a regular acquaintance/friend I'd have to say Bobby is with out a doubt the smartest, funniest, wisest, and holds true to his own set of morals more than any other character. And maybe Juice. Maybe. We just don't know anything about him but spoiler )

Ringer turned out to be a pretty damn good pilot. I always thought SMG was a great actress and it's not that I think she's become a bad actress, it's just that her face will forever be Buffy to me and I'm not certain I can get *past* that. She has a few facial nuances that just SCREAM Buffy. She did a good job playing the twins and giving them each an identity but still -- BUFFY!

Does anyone else have this problem not just with SMG but anyone?

I'm going to be so sad to watch the finale for Necessary Roughness. It's *so* entertaining. And unlike my issue separating SMG/Buffy I have had NO issue separating Callie Thorn/Sheila from Rescue Me. Dr. Dani is a bit crazy, but she's not oceans of crazy.

Vampire Diaries kicks off tonight!!!!! \o/\o/ I'll be out with Walter [we're going to see a showing of Hedwig on the big screen. I LOVE HEDWIG] so I won't get to see it until who knows when, don't spoil me!

BTW, football season has also kicked off. My team got the absolute shit kicked out of them Sunday. It was painful and embarrassing and I hung my head in shame. It was doubly embarrassing because I'd drug Walter [who doesn't watch football or know anything about it really how do I always wind up with dudes like that?] out to a bar to see the game Sunday.
At least my Fantasy Team won its first game. But that was just pure damn luck and Wes Welker my not-so-secret-now-that-I've-told-you Wide Receiver Boyfriend.

ALSO HOLY SHIT!!! I knew Connie Briton [Mrs. Coach from Friday Night Lights] had something in the works American Horror but I had NO IDEA IT ALSO FEATURED DYLAN MCDERMOTT one of the most beautiful men in the world, or that it would be a genre show. The fact that its a Ryan Murphy shows makes me nervous [please see my once oft-mentioned loved of Nip/Tuck and what it turned into, and don't get me started on Glee] AH will air on FX Wednesdays at 10 starting 10/5

Other things y'all may or may not be aware of, Lost Girl season 2 is currently airing on Sky -- it will make it SyFy at some point but you can watch now. Strike Back on Cinemax is incredibly homo-erotic and has nice action sequences - plus if you're short on time like me, you really don't need to watch season 1 to jump in.

Other things I still need to watch: final episode of series 2 Luther -- I'm saving it for a special occasion. And Torchwood. I can't seem to bring myself to watch it and with everything kicking up for Fall I'm not sure when/if I will.
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I have no words for awesome the finale was.

I do have a couple general words about Alaric Saltzman: whenever he says something along these lines, "tell me what you need me to do"

He destroys me. THIS is the guy you want at your side in any situation.

I'll get a newsletter update out sometime today.
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Go ahead and skip it. I'm sure everyone out there has made their own both funnier and more eloquent than this.

Re: TFaTF Franchise

I just accidentally read a Hobbs rapes Brian fic. I thought it might be safe to read because the poster said it was beta'd by someone I respect in the fandom.

::dies a little inside::

I wish the people that are suddenly all over the FF franchise would fuck off to a fandom that's fueled by broken teenage hearts/fluffy bunnies instead of NOZ/Testosterone.

PS being gay/bi/in a 3way relationship with your best friend and his sister doesn't make you a 13 year old girl. Look into it.

Re: The Big Bang Theory

It's possible to get a couple together without completely bashing and maligning other characters. Leonard is my least favorite too, but he's not a monster. Also think about it like this: if it were real life and you had to live with Sheldon? It wouldn't be funny after about a day. If it bothers you so much, how about having one of them move out of the apartment?

Re: The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Elena are the healthiest, most functional teenage couple to be shown on the CW since it began. Just because you think Damon is hotter than Stefan does not mean that Stefan and Elena are going to fall apart because Stefan has secretly been in love Katherine/Caroline/Lexie/insert female of your choice.

You can't just say Damon gets her more than Stefan because he *doesn't* they've shown *repeatedly* to the point of almost bashing it over the poor audiences' head. It's not just Elena, Damon doesn't get HUMANS. He's starting to try a bit which is growth and growth = good, but he's not there yet.

Also, suggesting that Elena would cheat on Stefan because Damon is a better lover??? Please find another trope. 1) Elena has too much integrity to cheat 2) the few sex scenes we've seen prove that Stefan is satisfying Elena quite well 3) why does Katherine profess to still want Stefan over Damon after all these years? Ponder that Pinky.

Or hey, if you want Elena with *anyone* other than Stefan, how about you put some effort into it and write a real fic?

Re: Harry Potter

The significance of saying someone's first name rather than their last name as an indicator of twu wuv was tired in 1997. Find Something New. Also, please stop bashing characters. If you don't like someone, don't write about them! That fandom is SO huge that it's really easy to do.

Wow. I feel better now! Anyone else need to vent?
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Attention world:


To quote [livejournal.com profile] iphignia939 you get skull fucked by Damon when you do that.

The End.
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** I finished up Misfits. I really wasn't all that entertained by the first series but I trusted the people who told me to watch it and I am so glad I stuck it out! I *loved* series 2 and am looking forward to series 3.

** Is it time for new Luther yet? No? DAMN. What about Secret Diary of a Call Girl? Is Billie up to anything these days? I miss my girlfriend on TV.

** I never really did get into Sherlock. I wanted to. I really did. But something just didn't work for me. Alas.

/random British TV conversation

** Lost Girl was truly entertaining [and deeply problematic, but what can you do?]. The fic for it is DIRE, really REALLY DIRE OMG. If anyone finds anything decent, please point it out. I'm also interested in stills and/or screen caps of Dyson shirtless showing off his awesome bod and tatts and any at all of KENZIE. She is so CUTE. She doesn't rock my world like Billie Piper [few do] but she can be one of my TV girlfriends anyway.

/random Canadian TV conversation

** I tried out The Cape. Wow. What a bunch of shit. No one can make a movie *or* a TV show about Wonder Woman and that shit gets the green light? It had two things going for it 1) Franklin from True Blood and 2) Summer Glau. Franklin isn't funny as Chess and Summer Glau was better on Chuck

** Speaking of Chuck, he comes back next week! Other things about Chuck -- I finally figured out why I detest White Collar so much -- two words: Bryce Larkin. I hate Bryce Larkin HATE him. I couldn't read the majority of Chuck Yuletide fics because so many of them were Chuck/Bryce and even WORSE Chuck/Awesome. I try not to judge other people's pairings but I can not abide these two.

** SouthLAnd continues to be incredible. Seriously. I have one thing to say that is in complete disagreement with everyone else who watches it. I am glad Tammi is such a cunt. And I am glad Dewey is such an utter ass. Without them there wouldn't be any character to really despise. And sometimes? Despising characters on awesome shows is fun.

Why is it that all the best TV comes on Tuesday night at 10:00? I'm speaking of course about SouthLAnd, The Good Wife [this week's ep was *awesome* what am I saying? They're *all* awesome if you want strong female TV characters you should be watching this], and my darling Sons of Anarchy. I tried the latest Tuesday night at ten on FX this week, Lights Out. I ... am on the fence. I don't have a lot of patience for sports figures who make a ton of money and piss it away and then do stupid things. So I don't think I'll be able to stick with it. However, when it is over Justified will be back and once again, Tuesday night at 10 on FX will kick ass. I only wish Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck had stayed watchable [for me]

** I have finally *finally* watched the first episode of Friday Night Lights. And I hate to say it, I'm not feeling it. I think perhaps I am already in mourning because it is the final season and I just don't want it to end. I'll keep dl'ing and saving them up. Maybe by the time it comes on NBC I'll be ready to watch.

** And finally, [perhaps most importantly? I'm not sure] it's two more weeks until The Vampire Diaries comes back. EEEEEE!!!!! My SHOW. I miss you. ::pets my precious:: I am almost finished with Skin to Skin, I've written through part 19 and will have them all finished [if not beta'd] by the time we get new episodes. A couple of people have asked if I'm going to continue it into season 2. The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe, but if I do it, it will be focused on Caroline and not Damon. Damon was my favorite in season 1 without a doubt, but Season 2 [for me] has been All About Caroline Becoming a BAMF.

ETA Spoilers in comments!!!
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When Damon and Elena went off to Atlanta, Elena asked him why he bothered to eat since he only needed blood to live

Damon replied, "As long as I eat a healthy diet my body functions normally."

Last night, Katherine told Stefan Read more... )

Do you understand what this means? After reading fic for the past season and I half I think you do not. Therefore I will explain [with bullet points!]

In The Vampire Diaries television canon

* Vampires breathe
* Vampires have body heat
* Vampires have beating hearts
* Vampires piss
* Vampires shit


From [livejournal.com profile] kadymae There was also that scene a few episodes ago where Caroline explained she ate food because it was satisfying and it helped take the edge off her craving for blood.


That is why he drinks coffee. And I quote "coffee helps the blood move around and raises the body temperature"


Elena did not "drink the tea" after she lost her necklace BECAUSE STEFAN WAS FEEDING FROM HER

Check your fandom! This is not Buffy. This is not True Blood, Dark Shadows, Moonlight, Anita Blake or any other of a million other vampire mythologies.


people who are desperate for fic in their fandom should never be this cunt-y, I understand this, but sometimes I cannot help myself

ETA JFC - it is STEFAN not STEPHAN. ::head desk::


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