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For the first time in 10 entire days I do not feel like a Snot Zombie. My condition has been upgraded to Snot Jack o' Lantern. I'm going to count this as a victory.

Other victories include the Queen's mysterious ailment is only a UTI/bladder thing and we're treating it quite lovingly with liquid amoxicillin. She thinks she's a real person now that we're taking the same drugs.

ION: In celebration of everybody's favorite Gymnastics TV show being renewed \o/ I'm currently reading something like, 4? 5? 6? truly, truly, terrible MIOBI WIPs. DO NOT JUDGE ME. All of them ring completely untrue and I couldn't figure out *why*. So, I did what all judgmental fangirls do, I downloaded the source material and reviewed it. It's exactly as I remember, Payson is crushed over Max [who is currently on Revenge and therefore I don't think he'll be returning to The Rock], Sasha is tormented over Summer/Tannerness, and there is no proof that Payson won any medal other than team gold. ALL the fics in ALL the world have her winning the All Around gold in Rio and that irritates the snot [oh how I wish that were true] out of me. And don't get me started on the suddenly rich from sponsorships, well-dressed, mature as a 30 year old, Payson characterizations I've been reading. Has anyone actually watched the show and seen how they style that poor girl? Granted, that could be where it's coming from but still.

Sorry, just remembered I'm the only person on here who even knows what MIOBI is.

Let me digress to another sadly over-looked fandom: The Good Wife.


Dear Star Trek Big Bang,

What happened to adventures in space? Seriously. If I wanted to read pirate/ninja/highschool/magic/hooker AU I'll turn to RPS.

No love,
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My darling kitty-boy Stefan [of the darkest marmalades] disappeared for 6 days. During his absence my precious kitty-boy Damon [of the blondest marmalades] did not leave the relative safety of the porch as far as I could tell. I had decided to sit Damon down with a nice brushing and treats and tell him his brother had gone away.


And they have been like this:

and this:

ever since. Please excuse the excessive dirtiness of the windows, kitty nose-prints are pointless to get rid of.
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Battlestar Galactica Vids

*3* amazing Starbuck centric vids to set Pink songs. by [livejournal.com profile] dualbunny You can NOT miss these \o/ I'm Not Dead, God is a DJ, Cuz I Can

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Better Luck With Girls Adult, Buffy/Faith by [livejournal.com profile] shrift.

"Ever had sex with someone who had superpowers?" Buffy asked.

"Not yet, but I hear it's wicked awesome," Faith said.

"It's a perk," Buffy said, and kissed her.


I Hate This Part (Right Here) by [livejournal.com profile] seperis Chuck, Casey, Sarah, gen-nish Rating: PG-13. there's nothing in the world like finding Seperis has written fic in a fandom you're desperate to read. A mission goes awry and Chuck is ... hurt. Casey and Sarah take care of it.

Null by [livejournal.com profile] nightfawkes PG Chuck/Casey. I'm a sucker for 2nd PPV fic. You’re shaking again, and you don’t dare stop to think about why. You whisper, “Is the whole more than the sum of its parts? Am I nothing but a lie?”

“You are not the lie, Chuck. You are the truth. You are real.”

“But who am I? If no one knows me, then do I exist?”

Only You by [livejournal.com profile] daria234
Chuck goes back over later to help Casey get rid of the bodies. He forgets when this stopped being a horror and started being a nice thing to do as a team player.

Casey is fussy. About everything: all the details of the cleanup, doing things right, leaving no trace. Chuck's used to it by now, but it had taken him a while to understand how all that fussiness could co-exist in a man whose fists and guns and angry eyes could make him seem like a wild animal. Eventually Chuck figures it out, and it doesn't seem so crazy.

It seems like being good at a job.

Crossover! Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek

Rising Sign by [livejournal.com profile] ninety6tears Adult. Kara-centric. When Kara Thrace flies through the wormhole near the end of Season Three, she finds Earth-- but not the Earth that Galactica's been searching for. Instead she finds herself hailed by a ship calling itself the USS Enterprise! And yet it's so much more than that. Kara and Kirk are practically hetero life mates, she and Spock don't see eye to eye and she fraks nearly everyone on the ship. Her relationship with McCoy is beautiful

Crossover! Firefly/Star Wars

by [livejournal.com profile] vaznetti Gen River Tam and Yoda. There aren't enough words to express the genius of this fic.

"Hmpf," says the gnome. "Not wise at all." It turns and walks away from her; when River stands she can feel her feet squishing into the damp ground. Leaves brush her head as she walks around the trees in her path; small insects buzz against her ears as she follows the hobbling gnome. There's dirt between her toes now and a twig in her hair, as if the world was trying to prove itself to her.

She catches up with the gnome at a small round building. "I'm not real," she confides.

"All is not illusion," it tells her. "Learn you must." It invites her in and gives her a bowl of things grown on this very planet; she takes each piece out, one by one, to memorize texture, shape, color, before she tastes it. Earth-that-was had this wealth, she thinks. Maybe it was easier to believe in things, when there were so many of them.

Gossip Girl

Yes, I may have quit the show, although the surprise casting of Billy Baldwin may lure me back, I'm still reading some of the fic

when I have fears that I may cease to be by [livejournal.com profile] artemis_sparks Chuck/Blair Chuck's never been so pleased to misjudge someone.
Harry Potter

The House That Cedric Built by King's Cross Rated R. Wonderful Draco POV of an 8th year and a 5th house. Goes back and forth in the timeline. Lovely, lovely voices. Astoria -- or Asteria as the author has chosen to spell it -- is a wonderful character


Plot Devices by [livejournal.com profile] entangled_now PG-13, Eliot/Hardison Crackish, amnesia themed fic
in which Eliot is not Brian Westwood, or Jason Bourne.

SouthLand A show I've watched since the beginning and have recced in the past in case you're new and want something to read

A Little Mental Yoga by Dsudis. Cooper/Sherman, Adult. Telepathy fic that isn't crack. That's right, in a non-sci fic/fantasy fandom. Should be impossible, but totally isn't

Star Trek

Little Shadow by [livejournal.com profile] hollycomb Adult, Chekov/Sulu Phenomenal story of Chekov's years in the Academy. He falls desperately in love with his roommate Sulu. The breathtakingly sharp teenage angst is stunning.

You wanna stand by my side? Darlin', Your heads not right. by [livejournal.com profile] xsaturated Spock/McCoy [my secret favorite ST ship] Starts with Spock getting de-aged and only allowing Bones to be near him. Ends with a crew against crew baseball game and Spock learning to heckle. Too awesome for words.

Orange Crush and Cream Soda this morning
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] femmenerd and [livejournal.com profile] keyweegirlie! Happy belated birthday [livejournal.com profile] coiledsoul

[Poll #1531001]

Happy weekend y'all. I'm extremely over-scheduled for the next 60 hours and while on one hand YAY shit to do, I'd really like some quiet time in.

Hmm. Maybe that 44 inches of snow the almanac is calling for over the next 32 days isn't going to be all that bad. I could do the P90, clean my house, bond with my cat, catch up on all the freaking media I've been missing out on, etc. etc.

FYI - I still haven't watched the FNL finale. I am completely unspoiled and would like to remain that way. I do have a sense of foreboding about it. I predicted a certain event would take place a couple of episodes ago and while I fully accept it as a viable plot device/character development, I'm not yet ready to see it happen. I realize, I probably should get on this soon as I may be inadvertently spoiled.

My cat is starting to look a little oily and every once in a while smells a bit funky. Not bad, just funky. I'm told this means she needs a bath. Like, in a tub with water and soap and shit. Methinks the Queen would be very VERY anti-bath [much like Johnny Depp]

[Poll #1531002]
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4 cups vegetable broth
12 ounces butternut squash, peeled, cored, cubed
1/2 large vidalia, roughly chopped
1/2 small apple, peeled, cored, cubed
salt to taste
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp black pepper

In a large covered pot bring broth, squash, onion, and apple to a rolling boil. Turn heat down to low, partially uncover and allow to simmer until squash is almost tender. Add spices continue to cook until squash is tender.

Puree soup in pot using immersion blender, or in small batches in food processor/blender.

Simple. Yummy. Healthy.




Also, in my neck of the woods ASU and USC do not mean the same things the rest of you think they mean

Also, I offered to share my soup with Memaw and since she had never heard of this kind of soup, she refused

Also [channels Palin] Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Panthers RULED so hard I watched a different game

Also [ha ha! I may be buzzed on Sunday night] Hendricks Gin Rules my WORLD

And last but not least I LOVE MY CAT and sometimes, every once in a while [like maybe once a week] I think she loves me.


My scream just frightened my cat


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