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I recently paired down my icons to 30 and intend to keep it there. I rarely use more than 3 anyway.

I will never let go of this one without replacing it with another from the franchise. Seriously you guys the Fast and Furious franchise is exactly what you think it is, plus one thing very important thing:

it's also AWESOME in a way so few things are [ethnic diversity, women in strong roles, sub-text out the whazoo, it's hilarious, and the people are so very, very pretty] Not to mention soundtracks created to work-out to.

If other summer blockbusters have you down for whatever reason, check out my favorite summer franchise.

Fic recs? I'm so eager for Fast 7 I can hardly stand it.

Maybe I should sign up to rec this fandom on crack_van in a couple of months. There are already a lot of gems ....
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Go ahead and skip it. I'm sure everyone out there has made their own both funnier and more eloquent than this.

Re: TFaTF Franchise

I just accidentally read a Hobbs rapes Brian fic. I thought it might be safe to read because the poster said it was beta'd by someone I respect in the fandom.

::dies a little inside::

I wish the people that are suddenly all over the FF franchise would fuck off to a fandom that's fueled by broken teenage hearts/fluffy bunnies instead of NOZ/Testosterone.

PS being gay/bi/in a 3way relationship with your best friend and his sister doesn't make you a 13 year old girl. Look into it.

Re: The Big Bang Theory

It's possible to get a couple together without completely bashing and maligning other characters. Leonard is my least favorite too, but he's not a monster. Also think about it like this: if it were real life and you had to live with Sheldon? It wouldn't be funny after about a day. If it bothers you so much, how about having one of them move out of the apartment?

Re: The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Elena are the healthiest, most functional teenage couple to be shown on the CW since it began. Just because you think Damon is hotter than Stefan does not mean that Stefan and Elena are going to fall apart because Stefan has secretly been in love Katherine/Caroline/Lexie/insert female of your choice.

You can't just say Damon gets her more than Stefan because he *doesn't* they've shown *repeatedly* to the point of almost bashing it over the poor audiences' head. It's not just Elena, Damon doesn't get HUMANS. He's starting to try a bit which is growth and growth = good, but he's not there yet.

Also, suggesting that Elena would cheat on Stefan because Damon is a better lover??? Please find another trope. 1) Elena has too much integrity to cheat 2) the few sex scenes we've seen prove that Stefan is satisfying Elena quite well 3) why does Katherine profess to still want Stefan over Damon after all these years? Ponder that Pinky.

Or hey, if you want Elena with *anyone* other than Stefan, how about you put some effort into it and write a real fic?

Re: Harry Potter

The significance of saying someone's first name rather than their last name as an indicator of twu wuv was tired in 1997. Find Something New. Also, please stop bashing characters. If you don't like someone, don't write about them! That fandom is SO huge that it's really easy to do.

Wow. I feel better now! Anyone else need to vent?
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Fast Five was everything I thought it would be. If you stayed after the credits to that last scene, it blew every "fic" idea I had out of the water and I'm trying to re-adjust my FF world view. Also, The Rock and Vin Diesel should make about a dozen movies together.

ok, some spoilers )

Thor is with out a doubt my favorite comic book movie EVER. It could be because I've only read a couple issues of the comic and had no pre-conceptions. OR it could be that Keven Branagh is a fan-fucking-tastic director and that the casting was PERFECT.
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Dear Fast and Furious Franchise,

I have not forgotten you. I've watched all your trailers and even the behind the scenes on HBO. I will *finally, finally, finally* get to see Fast Five tomorrow \o/\o/\o/ followed by Thor, but frankly I don't really care about Thor in light of YOU

Or: thank you flist for keeping your FF commentary behind cuts, except for that one asshole at quarter mile. I'll be catching up with the rest of you sometime over the weekend.


Let's talk about The Good Wife? ok? ok.

We'll start with, why the HELL don't I have any icons? And then go behind the cut:

spoilers )

I'd ramble more but I've got to do actual work.


I despise how certain characters are *convinced* that Alicia has had/is having an affair with Will. The idea that she would do something like that after how she's been hurt by the same thing? Makes me see red. Or: some days I really want to slap Peter and Cary and all those other people that look at my current favorite BAMF askance

I have icons now. I wish I had more.

A Good Wife Rec:

How to Fall in Love Completely and Never Be Found by [livejournal.com profile] mosca Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex Spoilers/Continuity: Major spoilers through the episode, "Nine Hours." i. e. published 12/10
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Fast and Furious was divine. It's like they made the movie *just* for fangirls. And those car people too *g*

I'm ready to go back and see it again.
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Written for Yuletide 2008

Fandom: The Fast and the Furious
Title: Gravity
Rating: G
Pairing: Gen, Letty and Mia
Summary: It's not just the family we're born with, sometimes it's the family we make.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] moosesal
Notes: thank you to [livejournal.com profile] elynross and [livejournal.com profile] astolat and all the other volunteers who make Yuletide what it is.


I have done nothing at all today except lay on the couch and watch Oz. After I finish season 1 [1 ep to go] I think I'm going to watch Juno or Pans Labyrinth or possibly Transamerica. Or maybe I'll pop in V. I read V fic in Yuletide and it made me crave it.

Happy New Year's everyone.



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