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Dear Fanfic Gods,

My dearest, truest, biggest wish in the world is for SOMEONE to write this woman aka Lagertha from Vikings:


and this woman aka Saxa from Spartacus having a GRAND adventure where they travel around Europe, pillaging, plundering, and fucking.

Lots and lots of fucking

I'd ask for some Naevia in there too but that woman is so broken it wouldn't be a fun adventure to read, it'd just be heart breaking.

I did all the housework in the world yesterday. You could eat off of my floor if you were inclined. Even the floor upstairs. Today: some grocery shopping, cooking, maybe some yarding, tv-ing, and some kitty-snuggling.
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I wrote the best Yuletide Author letter ever. Then LJ ate it. JFC.

Dear Author,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering my fandom(s). I am always super excited to read about these characters, and very thankful to Yuletide and *you* for giving me the opportunity to read about them.

General Statements:

#1 You do not have to write PWP. I love gen, character studies, friendship, romance, slash, femslash, and het. If you don't write porn, do not force yourself.

#2 Polyamory is the answer

General Likes:

Competency, snappy dialog, humor, mystery, crack!fic, dark!fic, crossovers, angst, adventure, porn, and fics where everyone is a student at Hogwarts, slice of life, curtain fic, kid!fic, make-overs, and kinks. I LOVE KINKS [caveat: I am *not* into: Rape, Scat, Bestiality, and Kids]

I love tropes! I especially love tropes that have been turned on their head and played with a bit more than usual. I love people [especially women] who love sex. I love women who take control and go after what they want. I love friendship that turns into romance. I love one night stands that turn into friendship. I love couples, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, and polyamory.

I love ambition, goals, and forcing yourself to do more than you ever thought you could. I love Hetero-life-mates and Homo-life-mates and feel like everyone everywhere should have one of each. I love bisexality, demi-sexuality, asexuality, homosexuality ... and so on and so forth ;-)

I love the mountains, the beach, football, olympic sports, camping, rafting, movies, music, yoga, supernatural, fancy dinners, wine, dancing, tattoos, body piercing, comics, natural materials, sorting other fandoms, motorcycles, massage, parties, dressing up, dressing down and staying in, and design.

I dislike: fridging women, slut shaming, misogyny, epithets [please, use the character name], apocalypse, all human AUs, and fics written to fit the season of the ficathon. Please do not write me a fic where everyone is a barrista or in high school or vampires or whatever, I'm not into that at all.

For further clarification you might want to peruse my pinboard http://pinboard.in/u:turnonmyheels or talk to someone. You can talk to [livejournal.com profile] moosesal or [livejournal.com profile] ladycat777, they'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Strike Back: Buddy fic, slash fic, het fic, PWP you name it I will love it. If you want to write about a woman PLEASE use a canon character, there are many wonderful and amazing women on the show, I love them all.

My favorite thing about SB is the progression of Damien and Scott's teamwork. I love how they started out not working well together at all and now they are a well-oiled machine that completely trusts and relies on the other.

I have deep-seated issues with Damien's lack of safe sex. If you would like to address the very real possibility that he has contracted HIV and/or has fathered dozens of illegitimate children, I would be very into that.

Necessary Roughness I would genuinely love a fic where TK does his best to help Dani and/or Nico with a problem. He doesn't necessarily have to be *successful* but I'd love to see him try to make something better for them.

Hart of Dixie POLYAMORY IS THE ANSWER. For what it's worth, just because there's polyamory doesn't mean you have to write poly sex. I genuinely love any combination of: Zoe, Lemon, Lavon, Wade and George. ANY combination

Dancing with the Stars: This season the All-Stars got to pick a dance from the past and put their own spin on it. More of Maks' dances were chosen than any other choreographer, how does he feel about that? Especially considering he's never won the Mirror Ball.
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Not that I'm bragging or anything.

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omg. with the bad run and then the illness, I will now be officially *under-trained* for the Half-Marathon 12/3


is panicking

and my back injury is tweaking at me. I've spent so much time on the couch getting over the crud my body is rebelling against me.



Remember back in season 2 when there was Tig/Gemma for about 15 seconds? This week brought that back to me, BIG TIME. Katy and Kim are just so visually *striking* when they're standing beside each other. guhguhguh
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Thank you for offering my fandom Read more... )
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you very much for offering one of my fandoms! General things I strongly dislike in fic: OOCness, men who act like little girls, angst for angst's sake, liberal use of pet names, sex involving food, using inappropriate things for lube [hint motor oil does not belong in the human body], fics where everyone is *magically* gay, and character bashing. I'm *not* at all interested in PWP for this Yuletide exchange.

Things I love in fic: slice of life, fill in the gaps, back-story, post-canon life, crack <-- seriously I can't emphasize how much I love crack enough, humor, inner dialog, CROSSOVERS, sexy times that fit into a larger story, and when you can tell a writer genuinely enjoyed what they were writing.

Please, have fun with my requests, I promise I'm open and easy and if you don't believe me you can PM [livejournal.com profile] moosesal and ask her I promise she won't reveal your identity.

About the individual requests:

Sons of Anarchy: Anything you write set pre-series would make my holiday season complete. I'm especially interested in Jax, Opie, Tara and Hale's relationship when they were teens. Any type of story involving Gemma moving on after John's death to a marriage with Clay. How does Unser fit into Gemma's life? They have a unique friendship that's begging to be explored. If the backstory doesn't get your creative juices humming, how about one of Gemma's dinner parties? An evening hanging out with the MC drinking beer and shooting pool?

Dark Blue: There's not a lot to elaborate on from my original request, I want to see Carter, Dean, and Ty before Jamie comes into the picture. Had they been looking for another partner? Specifically a female?

Sons of Anarchy/Dark Blue Crossover: GO NUTS. Seriously. Just having the characters in the same general vicinity would make me swoon.

Make it or Break it: [livejournal.com profile] mosca once said Emily and Sasha's relationship is a prime example of heterosexual slash and I've never gotten that statement out of my head. I tried to find it just now to link to it but couldn't. I want to see their relationship explored. Heavy UST. Future!Romance. Resentment. Trust issues. Any and all of the above and whatever made you offer to write them.

Or you could crossover any/all of these fandoms as you see fit. Colorado gymnasts, California bikers, and LA undercover cops. Sounds like cracked-out, crossover goodness to me. I do realize how completely unlikely it is, I promise.

Thank you again Yuletide writer.

Season's Greetings,


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