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[livejournal.com profile] poshcat encouraged me to post more home pictures.   I don't consider these rooms to be done.  I'm missing crucial things like rugs, lamps, light fixtures, house plants, and a few textural items like baskets.  Some of the projects, like the screen I built from re-claimed house shutters aren't completely finished.  The screen hides Magz' litter boxes btw.  I did just re-arrange the living room today, hung all the art in my bedroom, and installed the curtain tie-backs -- I found them quite by accident at Lowe's last weekend, they were $5 a pair!  AND the crystal ball ends matched my curtain rods.  I couldn't resist them.  They have *really * improved the look of my curtains. 

Yes, re-decorating/re-modeling my house, work, working out, eating, and sleeping really is all I do.
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http://pics.livejournal.com/turnonmyheels/gallery/0001gtdd My First Place for before pictures and

and http://pics.livejournal.com/turnonmyheels/gallery/0002a81x
My First Place - My Style for in progress and finished
Go Patriots!

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Jun. 4th, 2011 09:27 am
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Way back in the fall of last year I went to an auction and bought enough furniture to fill my house. Part of that furniture was a wrought iron and glass dinette. It had been used previously in someone's sunroom, but I thought it would be perfect for my deck.

Off white iron, white cushion. Kind of boring yes? Also, indoor fabrics.

So I bought this outdoor fabric: )

Added up, I've spent about $80 on the whole thing. Not bad, huh?
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To quote a friend I had dinner with Friday night, "You have no idea what I can do, do you?" She related that to me anecdotally. Someone had suggested to her she could not complete a task in the time span allotted, she could.

My weekend looked like this:
* Friday work all day, teach spin class. I didn't ride in spin class because I wasn't feeling well, also see: was it too much dairy or too much fiber or a little bit of both?, stress makes my back hurt, and Hello! Tendinitis, How are you today?
* Had dinner with Shelia
* Went to Wal-Mart and bought provisions for my volunteers

* Clean the home where I'm living enough that I'm not ashamed to call it home
* Take a load of crap to the dump
* Teach Zumba
* Prepare the house to be painted Sunday [for the record, I didn't get home Saturday until after 7, yes, it was a 12 hour day. Can I have my Saturday back please?]

* Get all provisions to house, set up breakfast, get the painters painting, and paint. Clean up after everyone left so that when (if???) Moe ever returns from parts unknown he won't turn around and walk out. For the record, Sunday was also a 12 hour day. Can I have my Sunday back please?

It's almost true Spring and I have pictorial evidence with flowers planted by my own hands [this has never happened before]

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One thing to note, the lighting and my lack of photography skill does not nothing to make this appear as nice as it is person.

Still to be painted: kitchen, second coat in stairwell, the actual stairs, second coat in upstairs bath, all trim. BUT the floor installers can proceed now and I can go AWAY for the weekend with V&C and play.
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In awesome news my friend J from the Y that I go see all the awesome action movies with? She was just inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Self Defense Instructor of 2011. Her Jujitsu instructor nominated her. I'm so proud!

Things are really getting down to the wire on my house. I am a frazzled ball of nerves. But! I got my hair cut and a color yesterday so I am a cute frazzled ball of nerves.

I had to ask for help this week. You wouldn't know it from how often I beg for technical help on here, but when it comes to real life situations, I'd almost rather eat dirt than ask people for help. I always figure if people want to help they will.

Here's the sitch:

* Family is coming down the weekend of March 19th to install the floor. I don't feel bad about asking the family to help because a) they're family and b) mom is offering them time at her condo at the beach for helping

* I am going out of town *next* weekend for some much needed de-stressing and de-compressing

* Moe has yet to show up this week

* the walls have to be painted *before* the floor is installed. Currently in a 12 room house only 4 are painted. And I'm not talking about the trim, I'm talking about the WALLS, the ceilings however are completed through out the house.

I think you see where this is going. Between Saturday and Sunday this weekend and Tuesday and Wednesday evening next week ALL of the painting must be finished. So I sent out a call for help. I've had some people say they *would* help so I'm crossing my fingers and praying that it works out.

Send me some good vibes that it gets finished? Or you know, come on over and help? IF ONLY I lived near ANYONE on my flist I bet this would have been finished ages ago.

Who's watching Spartacus Gods of the Arena? I haven't watched it yet so don't spoil me. What I'm curious about is this: if I wanted to introduce someone to the Spartacus world should I start them out with Blood and Sand or Gods of the Arena?
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An email from the man selling me my house:

Read more... )

I enjoyed SoA last night. Well, I always enjoy SoA, but I especially loved it last night Read more... )

So. I have a thing for short stocky men. Scott Caan always to be affectionately called "Tweeter" by me due his Awesome, Amazing, Funny, And Skankily Sexy roll as "Tweeter" on Varsity Blues is like, my A#1 short, stocky, Hollywood crush. So I've watched Hawaii 5-0 for him. You guys, aside from Tweeter being very cute but not enough like Tweeter to make me happy, and the scenery? I've been bored with the show. Also, Grace Park's super willowy figure is distracting me. She looks as thin as Ally McBeal did and it makes me worry for her poor bones. [Bone density is something that occupies my thoughts more than it should]. And the lead guy? Has less charisma than Not-Tweeter's kid's stuffed bunny. Gavin Park looks good though ...


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