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For the first time in 10 entire days I do not feel like a Snot Zombie. My condition has been upgraded to Snot Jack o' Lantern. I'm going to count this as a victory.

Other victories include the Queen's mysterious ailment is only a UTI/bladder thing and we're treating it quite lovingly with liquid amoxicillin. She thinks she's a real person now that we're taking the same drugs.

ION: In celebration of everybody's favorite Gymnastics TV show being renewed \o/ I'm currently reading something like, 4? 5? 6? truly, truly, terrible MIOBI WIPs. DO NOT JUDGE ME. All of them ring completely untrue and I couldn't figure out *why*. So, I did what all judgmental fangirls do, I downloaded the source material and reviewed it. It's exactly as I remember, Payson is crushed over Max [who is currently on Revenge and therefore I don't think he'll be returning to The Rock], Sasha is tormented over Summer/Tannerness, and there is no proof that Payson won any medal other than team gold. ALL the fics in ALL the world have her winning the All Around gold in Rio and that irritates the snot [oh how I wish that were true] out of me. And don't get me started on the suddenly rich from sponsorships, well-dressed, mature as a 30 year old, Payson characterizations I've been reading. Has anyone actually watched the show and seen how they style that poor girl? Granted, that could be where it's coming from but still.

Sorry, just remembered I'm the only person on here who even knows what MIOBI is.

Let me digress to another sadly over-looked fandom: The Good Wife.


Dear Star Trek Big Bang,

What happened to adventures in space? Seriously. If I wanted to read pirate/ninja/highschool/magic/hooker AU I'll turn to RPS.

No love,
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Somehow I have fallen into a Make It or Break It Payson/Sasha fic that's over 300,000 words long.

I hate shipper fics.*

I can't look away.

* for clarification purposes, I hate fics who's soul purpose is to explain twu wuv sweet wuv. I need my epics to have a PLOT instead being a string of emotional moments tied together with a ribbon made of hearts and flowers.

It's not badly written, and there is some real story in here somewhere, but there's serious OOC moments fueling the string of emotional moments.

le sigh

Why is the best MIOBI fic all Sasha/Payson? ::pouts::

yes, I do realize how ridic this icon is for this post.
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I have invite codes to Dreamwidth if anyone would like one.

With the exception of Fringe, I have watched all my "primary season" finales. It was a *great* season all the way around, I'm glad I dropped the shows I dropped, I'm *super* glad I stuck others out, and I wish wish wishwishwishwish Showtime would learn how to do hour-long drama as well as HBO. There is absolutely NO reason I should be bored in the middle of the Borgias, especially an episode where.every.single.borgias.fucksalot.

I know why DWTS spoilers )

I have interesting [to me] news: The Good Wife will air on Sunday nights in the fall. I'm glad of that because my Tuesday nights are over-crowded *year-round*. I'm curious if it will boost ratings or harm them. Surely it will be a boost since all the other good tv is on Tuesday?

Other interesting [to me] news: on Make It or Break It the surprise pregnancy was because the actress is pregnant, they really didn't intend to go there with the storyline. Which is VERY relieving on one hand, because that was the crack of all crack and I HATED that story line, but also worrisome, because that was my *favorite* character and now I wonder if I'll ever see her again. In fact, I'm worried about the entire show because ABC Family hasn't said whether or not they're going to renew it and all the storylines were tidied up so neatly ::bites knuckles:: I know it's lame, cheesey, and more unrealistic than even Smallville [boy howdy is that saying something] but I LOVE IT

I have caught up in the novel A Game of Thrones and surged ahead of the TV show. Something that surprised me spoilers )

It's a good thing I watched the Glee ::lamecoughlamecough:: finale this week. Otherwise I would have had NO IDEA that So You Think You Can Dance airs tonight \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/


This year I'm going to learn the National Dance Day Routine and teach it to my ZUMBA class. We may make a video and SEND IT TO THE SHOW. or not


Real Life continues to be difficult, but not unmanageable. Yay? Things would be far more manageable if I had more money. This is true for most people, yes? Yes. I've discovered that "playing in the dirt" is fun if sweaty and quite rewarding. I guess I really am turning into my Memaw.

If you would have asked me even six months ago I would have told you there was NO WAY that I would ever enjoy gardening. Just goes to show, never say never

Summer TV!

Jul. 8th, 2010 10:49 am
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Make it or Break it I really, really, REALLY hate the Tanners. I realized as I was watching the other night, that I watch this show for pretty much one reason and that's Emily Kmetko and her awesome boyfriend Damon, god I ship them SO HARD]. While I pull for the other girls too -- sometimes even the evil Lauren Tanner but not after this past week, I'm SO over rooting for her -- Emily *is* the show for me. She made me cry this week, FYI. Michelle Clunie's current guest spot makes her days as Melanie on QAF look like a nice person. o.O

Huge I'm two episodes in and I'm not liking it. I'm going to give it one more episode because Gina Torres! but I'm pretty sure after that I'm done.

Pretty Little Liars Didn't make it past the second episode.

Burn Notice The new guy? Jesse? OMFG. GUHGUH. I've never found Michael Westin all that attractive beyond my competency!kink and his snazzy suits. This Jesse guy? Totally cranks my chain and I find myself rooting for Fiona/Jesse, and Jesse/Fiona/Michael

So You Think You Can Dance This is my first full season of the show and lo how I wish I'd been watching all along. I have my favorites: the only two remaining women, Alex and Kent. I don't dislike the others -- with one exception -- but I don't find them as exciting to watch. I especially don't care for Adechike, there was another contemporary dancer from NYC, the one who had the pulled hamstring in Vegas? I wanted him to win the whole show and I think I resent Adechike for presumably taking his place. Plus? How many freaking chances can they give you before you finally get better?

I haven't watched Rescue Me yet, because I like to watch it in a couple of big chunks. I'm always wary of True Blood, it's one of those shows I essentially watch so I know what everyone else is talking about.

About the Emmy's. It's about god damn time you recongized Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Does this mean it will take 4 seasons before you recognize Katy Sagal and Ryan Hurst? Will they *ever* be acknowledged? I'm pleased The Good Wife was honored because the women on that show deserved it, but the rest of the nominations felt redundant and stupid to me. That's what awards are about though, right?

ETA Another 911 call for Tom this morning at 4, he's been admitted to the hospital and has essential been undergoing breathing treatments since the ambulance picked him up
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* I love Lady Gaga. I'm not ashamed to admit this. I love her so much I went to Target and bought The Fame Monster instead of dling it like I did The Fame.

* I also love P!nk. So much so I'm using her in my icon. She's one of my personal fitness/physique inspirations. She's my height and frame [except she has boobs but not everyone can be perfect] and she's fucking RIPPED. I love her voice, her music, her attitude, and most especially how she's not afraid to admit that she's pretty much a psycho!bitch at heart

* I love the P90x. It was arms and shoulders today and I need to get some heavier weights. I thought I'd make do with the bands but I want the satisfaction of a weight in my hand -- plus I'm hella awkward with the bands I'm just not that coordinated! I killed it on the ab ripper today! I got in *nearly* all the reps I'm only half a set shy on two of the exercises and I only started doing those exercises this week! Granted, I'm still doing modified forms, but I'm getting there! Next week is a "rest week" and after that I get to take my 30 day shots. EEEEEEEE!!!

* Make It or Break It continues to be happy making sports-themed television. Why doesn't everyone on my flist watch it? GYMNASTS y'all!

* You know what else I love? I love Chuck. I love everything about Chuck, even the stuff a lot of its audience hates. I love how even though Buffy and Alias ended years ago, Dollhouse is going away, and that the Bionic Woman completely sucked, there is still a female on television that literally kicks ass and takes names. I love you Agent Walker! Gratuitous shirtless scenes of Captain Awesome ftw \o/\o/\o/ [I haven't watched this week's yet, don't talk about it!]

* Friday Night Lights continues to be some of the best damn television that has ever been made. This season is especially amazing. I don't care how many of y'all hate Becky and wish that she would go away and/or die. I LOVE HER. And everyone else on the show [except the fucking McCoys], especially ::gasp:: Buddy Garrity. Buddy Garrity warms my soul.

* I love a lot of other tv too, but I'm actually 1 - 2 episodes behind on every single thing I watch because of this earlier bedtime and the interruption in weekend television that is football. Football will end soon and although my social calender is about a thousand times more packed than it was, I will eventually catch up. Or at least get close, but then there's my stack of comics and it's actually taller than I am at this point so yeah, I'll probably always be behind. Dude, I still only in the "G"'s in Yuletide!

* I love my flist -- y'all always make me smile and motivate me and warm my heart as well as my soul -- y'all are better than Buddy Garrity, who knew?

Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] luvxander!!!!


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