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If the Menfolk in my office would ever learn to do these 2 very simple things

1) shut the doors
2) make sure the handle on the toilet isn't sticking

My life would be improved by 33% no lie or exaggeration

Yesterday I watched FNL 2 - 12. I have thoughts about the overall arc of the show from Pilot to Finale but I'm too sick/lazy to type them up. I have other thoughts about SPOILERS )

In short, I most likely won't get to see the finale until Thursday, but I will miss you Friday Night Lights -- no other show has ever inspired me to write like you, no show has ever shown me a more functional marriage or family unit, no show has ever moved me to tears so many times, and no other show ever has even given me someone I love as much as Tim Riggins. Thank you Katims, et al
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** I finished up Misfits. I really wasn't all that entertained by the first series but I trusted the people who told me to watch it and I am so glad I stuck it out! I *loved* series 2 and am looking forward to series 3.

** Is it time for new Luther yet? No? DAMN. What about Secret Diary of a Call Girl? Is Billie up to anything these days? I miss my girlfriend on TV.

** I never really did get into Sherlock. I wanted to. I really did. But something just didn't work for me. Alas.

/random British TV conversation

** Lost Girl was truly entertaining [and deeply problematic, but what can you do?]. The fic for it is DIRE, really REALLY DIRE OMG. If anyone finds anything decent, please point it out. I'm also interested in stills and/or screen caps of Dyson shirtless showing off his awesome bod and tatts and any at all of KENZIE. She is so CUTE. She doesn't rock my world like Billie Piper [few do] but she can be one of my TV girlfriends anyway.

/random Canadian TV conversation

** I tried out The Cape. Wow. What a bunch of shit. No one can make a movie *or* a TV show about Wonder Woman and that shit gets the green light? It had two things going for it 1) Franklin from True Blood and 2) Summer Glau. Franklin isn't funny as Chess and Summer Glau was better on Chuck

** Speaking of Chuck, he comes back next week! Other things about Chuck -- I finally figured out why I detest White Collar so much -- two words: Bryce Larkin. I hate Bryce Larkin HATE him. I couldn't read the majority of Chuck Yuletide fics because so many of them were Chuck/Bryce and even WORSE Chuck/Awesome. I try not to judge other people's pairings but I can not abide these two.

** SouthLAnd continues to be incredible. Seriously. I have one thing to say that is in complete disagreement with everyone else who watches it. I am glad Tammi is such a cunt. And I am glad Dewey is such an utter ass. Without them there wouldn't be any character to really despise. And sometimes? Despising characters on awesome shows is fun.

Why is it that all the best TV comes on Tuesday night at 10:00? I'm speaking of course about SouthLAnd, The Good Wife [this week's ep was *awesome* what am I saying? They're *all* awesome if you want strong female TV characters you should be watching this], and my darling Sons of Anarchy. I tried the latest Tuesday night at ten on FX this week, Lights Out. I ... am on the fence. I don't have a lot of patience for sports figures who make a ton of money and piss it away and then do stupid things. So I don't think I'll be able to stick with it. However, when it is over Justified will be back and once again, Tuesday night at 10 on FX will kick ass. I only wish Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck had stayed watchable [for me]

** I have finally *finally* watched the first episode of Friday Night Lights. And I hate to say it, I'm not feeling it. I think perhaps I am already in mourning because it is the final season and I just don't want it to end. I'll keep dl'ing and saving them up. Maybe by the time it comes on NBC I'll be ready to watch.

** And finally, [perhaps most importantly? I'm not sure] it's two more weeks until The Vampire Diaries comes back. EEEEEE!!!!! My SHOW. I miss you. ::pets my precious:: I am almost finished with Skin to Skin, I've written through part 19 and will have them all finished [if not beta'd] by the time we get new episodes. A couple of people have asked if I'm going to continue it into season 2. The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe, but if I do it, it will be focused on Caroline and not Damon. Damon was my favorite in season 1 without a doubt, but Season 2 [for me] has been All About Caroline Becoming a BAMF.

ETA Spoilers in comments!!!
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spoilers for FNL season 4 finale. Y'all did know they're currently filming season 5 and that will be the series finale y/n? )

The Leverage finale two-parter was So. Much. Fun. And I'm finally current on Spartacus. Where, beloved flist is the fic?

I'm restarting phase two of P90 tomorrow morning if this pulled muscle in my back cooperates. If it doesn't it may be a little longer and I may just start the whole damn program over.
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* I love Lady Gaga. I'm not ashamed to admit this. I love her so much I went to Target and bought The Fame Monster instead of dling it like I did The Fame.

* I also love P!nk. So much so I'm using her in my icon. She's one of my personal fitness/physique inspirations. She's my height and frame [except she has boobs but not everyone can be perfect] and she's fucking RIPPED. I love her voice, her music, her attitude, and most especially how she's not afraid to admit that she's pretty much a psycho!bitch at heart

* I love the P90x. It was arms and shoulders today and I need to get some heavier weights. I thought I'd make do with the bands but I want the satisfaction of a weight in my hand -- plus I'm hella awkward with the bands I'm just not that coordinated! I killed it on the ab ripper today! I got in *nearly* all the reps I'm only half a set shy on two of the exercises and I only started doing those exercises this week! Granted, I'm still doing modified forms, but I'm getting there! Next week is a "rest week" and after that I get to take my 30 day shots. EEEEEEEE!!!

* Make It or Break It continues to be happy making sports-themed television. Why doesn't everyone on my flist watch it? GYMNASTS y'all!

* You know what else I love? I love Chuck. I love everything about Chuck, even the stuff a lot of its audience hates. I love how even though Buffy and Alias ended years ago, Dollhouse is going away, and that the Bionic Woman completely sucked, there is still a female on television that literally kicks ass and takes names. I love you Agent Walker! Gratuitous shirtless scenes of Captain Awesome ftw \o/\o/\o/ [I haven't watched this week's yet, don't talk about it!]

* Friday Night Lights continues to be some of the best damn television that has ever been made. This season is especially amazing. I don't care how many of y'all hate Becky and wish that she would go away and/or die. I LOVE HER. And everyone else on the show [except the fucking McCoys], especially ::gasp:: Buddy Garrity. Buddy Garrity warms my soul.

* I love a lot of other tv too, but I'm actually 1 - 2 episodes behind on every single thing I watch because of this earlier bedtime and the interruption in weekend television that is football. Football will end soon and although my social calender is about a thousand times more packed than it was, I will eventually catch up. Or at least get close, but then there's my stack of comics and it's actually taller than I am at this point so yeah, I'll probably always be behind. Dude, I still only in the "G"'s in Yuletide!

* I love my flist -- y'all always make me smile and motivate me and warm my heart as well as my soul -- y'all are better than Buddy Garrity, who knew?

Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] luvxander!!!!
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For [livejournal.com profile] kadymae who wanted Dean Bendis meets Tim Riggins. Dark Blue/Friday Night Lights crossover

Read more... )
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Last night I caught up on FNL by watching episodes 7 and 8. Y'all I cried like a baby. Now I know it's nothing new for me to cry when I watch FNL, in fact I expect to cry every couple of episodes but this is the first season where I've cried for an entirely different *reason* this many episodes in a row. Julie Taylor destroyed me in episode 7.

Billy Riggins destroyed me in episode 8. Actually all of episode 8 aka The Toilet Bowl was a stand out episode in a season that has so far been stellar.

spoiler alert )
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Yesterday marked Day 1 of my being a Nielsen household for a week. The big envelope they sent contains: two paper diaries (online would be much more friendly, but whatever), a FAQ, a letter, and THIRTY BUCKS IN CASH.

I'm actually a little frightened that it's counterfeit money. Surely they wouldn't send counterfeit money?

I dutifully filled out so far:

10 minutes of the weather channel every morning between 7:20 and 7:30

Vampire Diaries 45 minutes after it starts and Supernatural as soon as TVD is finished
Fringe on Fridays at 8:30 and Smallville immediately after.

Note: There is a special notes feature where I just said that I go to a friends that has Dish Network on Friday afternoons to watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. ::cheers on the East Dillon Lions::

Something bitchy about FNL (bet you never thought you'd hear me say that): Please do not call an icon post that only features Tim Riggins and has quite a few obviously Taylor Kitsch icons, a FNL Icon Post. Please? Pretty, pretty please? I love Taylor and most especially Tim Riggins as much as anyone else in the world but there's a fuckton more to FNL than Tim Riggins. Just call it a Taylor Kitsch icon post and be done.

Thank you


PS I have an fnl fic idea that is a series of phone conversations between Tami and Shelly. Am I the only person in the world interested in this and should thus, keep these conversations to myself?
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Fandom : Friday Night Lights
Title : How to Be a Team Leader in One Easy Lesson
Pairings: Saracen/Smash/Riggins/Street
Warnings and Ratings: Dubious Consent and NC-17
Summary: Pre-series. Matt’s been bumped up to Varsity and the guys aren’t giving him any respect.
Thank you [livejournal.com profile] ldthomps for the beta any remaining mistakes are my own.

Read more... )
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Regarding Kings: Wow, Eragon's all grown up and looks so much like Heather Ledger did in First Knight that I was distracted and couldn't remember he *wasn't* HL. Also? Eragon and Said? Hot like WHOA. Carter Baizon's expression in his final shot looked so much like an expression my stalker used to have when he was pissed off [when *wasn't* he pissed off?] that I dreamed about the stalker last night.

Verdict: unsure

Regarding Dollhouse: Still enjoying despite the fact that I feel a major disconnect with everyone in the Dollhouse except the Dolls, Dr. Saunders, and Boyd. Still ecstatic Tahmoh is on the show [could anyone give me a phonetic spelling of how to say his name?]

Verdict: being entertained

Regarding The Sarah Connor Chronicles: I used to talk all about how BSG was the greatest show on TV. Then I talked all about how FNL was the greatest show on TV. NOW I'm all about how SCC is the greatest SCI-FI show on TV [sorry, my loyalty to FNL is too strong]. HOLY SHIT SCC is AMAZING. The acting, writing, directing, filming, it's PHENOMENAL.

Verdict: Favorite Fucking Show

Regarding BSG: I'm like, 2 episodes behind and don't give a frak about any of it.

Verdict: Will watch to the boring bitter end.

Regarding Gossip Girl: The *only* reason I watch the damn show anymore is because of Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick. LM's performance this week was pitch perfect. She has more charisma in one flick of her eyelash than any other young actress on a teen show right now. <-- see how I oh-so-or-not-cleverly couched that? Ed's not so nuanced, he's big and explosive and in your face much like JM was as Spike.

Verdict: Will watch till the end of the season and probably not beyond that

Regarding FNL: ::draws hearts and prays and begs and hopes and crosses fingers that the rumor about it being picked up for TWO MORE seasons is true::
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Fandom: FNL/GG
Title: Just Follow the Lights(3/3)
Pairing: Tim Riggins/Chuck Bass
Rating: Adult. Mature Themes
Summary: 15 years later, Chuck Bass is in Dillon, Texas
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] moosesal
Disclaimer: I am insane. Chuck Bass and Tim Riggins in no way know each other. Nor will they ever meet, unless FNL jumps networks yet again. GG belongs to CW, Cecily Von Ziegesar, et al, and FNL belongs to NBC, Peter Berg, et al

Part Two

Part 3 and Epilogue )
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Fandom: FNL/GG
Title: Just Follow the Lights(2/3)
Pairing: Tim Riggins/Chuck Bass
Rating: Adult. Mature Themes
Summary: 15 years later, Chuck Bass is in Dillon, Texas
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] moosesal
Disclaimer: I am insane. Chuck Bass and Tim Riggins in no way know each other. Nor will they ever meet, unless FNL jumps networks yet again. GG belongs to CW, Cecily Von Ziegesar, et al, and FNL belongs to NBC, Peter Berg, et al

Part One

Part Two )

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Title: love to watch them want you
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Pairing: Tim/Lyla
Rating: Adult, sexual situations
Spoilers: All of season three, but nothing that would ruin anything for you if you're not current. Promise
Summary: For FNL Laundry List Challenge #31. Otherwise known as an excuse to get Tim and Lyla into bed.
Beta: thank you [livejournal.com profile] allegraconbrio
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Peter Berg, Brian Grazer, David Nevins, and a slew of other folks who are not me. I make no profit from playing with them.

love to watch them want you )
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Does anyone know what position Buddy Garrity played when he on the team? And am I right in thinking he has a state championship ring?

Anyone want to beta a short FNL ficlet?
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Oh show

I <3 you more than words can say. You've moved me to tears every single episode so far this season. Please to be keeping up the good work.
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God *damn* FNL was AMAZING.

funniest line of the night )

I laughed.

I cried.

My heart was overfilled with love.

Welcome back, show.
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[livejournal.com profile] chase820 has posted her annual list of TV's Hottest Hotties once again. Check it, it's a *great* read and not bad to look at either *g*.

Because I am the Queen of Procrastination I have decided to play along.

Chase's Official Rules:

The series in which each character appears must have aired within the last twelve months. Also, I personally must have watched the series within the last twelve months. Finally, I must have seen at least 25% of the available episodes for that series. (These rules will explain some of the more surprising omissions on the list.)

My Addendums:

I can't rank 10 - 1. I just can't. Instead, I've broken my top 10 hotties into categories and ranked from there.

Basically, I really, *really* like it when somebody kicks ass and doesn't bother taking names )

Sometimes they're so pretty, it really doesn't matter how bad the show is. I may bitch about it but in the end, I'm going to watch because, *damn* )

I need to spend some time in the therapist's chair because these guys? Re-define bad guys. )

I'm easy. Throw an accent at me and I melt. )

I've snagged pictures from all over the place, but I promise I'm hosting them on my own space.

Further proof I have no taste, the next two movies I absolutely *have* to see are Death Race and Babylon AD

Today I get a massage. YAY!!!!!

Tonight, if I don't start studying for my certification, I may not pass.

Recs coming later this week, and I swear I'm not even going to rant about what pisses me off the most about J2 fic.
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Fandom: FNL/GG
Title: Just Follow the Lights(1/3)
Pairing: Tim Riggins/Chuck Bass
Rating: Teen (for now)
Summary: 15 years later, Chuck Bass is in Dillon, Texas
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] caoilainn
Disclaimer: I am insane. Chuck Bass and Tim Riggins in no way know each other. Nor will they ever meet, unless FNL jumps networks yet again. GG belongs to CW, Cynthia Von Ziegesar, et al, and FNL belongs to NBC, Peter Berg, et al

Follow the Lights )

Part Two
also not fic I've promised, but fic! progress!
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Title: There Was This One Time
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Spoilers: All of seasons 1 and 2, deleted scenes from season 2
Pairing: Tim/Jean
Rating: Teen
Summary: Jean is Tim’s new tutor
Beta: Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mosca
Disclaimer: FNL and the characters within are not my property. I do not profit from playing with them.

Tim sprawls in his chair, banging his knees on the too-short table, almost knocking his frayed notebook and chewed pen to the floor. )
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Finally! The *perfect* Chuck icon. (icon by [livejournal.com profile] ifoundwonder)

I have experienced "meh" and "so?" "WTFness" over the following episodes:

BSG: Escape Velocity - it had its moments but overall I didn't enjoy it at all

GG: Desperately Seeking Serena - although next week looks to make up for this one

Bones: every single episode since they came back from hiatus. WTF is wrong with Bones?

Smallville: Sleeper - only the dance scene which was very reminiscent of "True Lies" was fit to watch

I have experienced "wow that didn't suck as much as usual" with

SPN: Ghostfacers

And the elusive "OH! MY! GOD! THAT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME I COULD DIE \o/\o/\o/" goes to:

Friday Night Lights: deleted scenes season 2. So *that's* where all the awesome went last season. I should have known. Seriously, with the exception of That Which Shall Not Be Named every issue I had with last season was resolved in those few minutes.

Smallville: Descent


Leatherheads = meh

Forbidden Kingdom = fairy tale with martial arts, drunk Jackie Chan and monkey-king Jet Li. Much to like, not a lot to love.

Paris, je t'aime one of the best "films" I've ever seen.

I bought a laptop. \o/

Today is one of those days I may lose my bike in Spin class. I have running gear ready to go and am already pissed off about it.

It's Memaw's birthday. I guess I should stop not talking to her long enough to give her her present. I didn't buy her a card and I don't feel bad about it at all.

and ... that's everything.


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