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I already miss Spartacus. Gratitude Steven DeKnight for such an amazing series. I still only have the one icon, I suppose now I won't have any more :-(

There have been three meetings of the Star Trek Soup Group since I last updated.

The Apple aka Garden of Eden episode; Soup it began life as the Easter ham. It ended life as a ham and onion soup. It's been three weeks and I usually drink a few glasses of wine on soup group nights so I don't have any more to give you here.

The Doomsday Machine aka the one with the alien monster that internally looks like a flaming sphincter and externally looks like a piece of poop flying through space. Surely, you need no other explanation of the episode other than Kirk and Company won. The Soup began life as the bone from the Easter ham, was turned into pintos cooked with ham bone then subsequently turned into: shredded chicken and pinto chili.

Catspaw aka WITCHES. When I was a kid, like a LITTLE kid pre-Kindergarten sized kid, this episode scared the snot out of me. It was hysterical to see it today and realize how easily a child can be frightened. The "special effects" that made the black cat look big was pathetic. Ah, the 60s.

Soup: Broccoli risotto
Salad: beet salad

and lo, the soup and salad was fucking amazing.

I am uncertain if I will continue to watch The Vampire Diaries in the fall. I just ... I hate Elena the vampire. I hate Elena the non-feeling vampire even more. I want to like her! Nina Dobrev does an amazing job in all her roles, but I'm just over it and that makes me sad. The show has gotten so repetitious in certain aspects and damn but I hate to agree with Bonnie's dad, but y'all need to get up off this whole saving Elena thing and deal with the actual shit going down. Sigh.

It's so rare I stick with a show all the way till the end. Looks at Spartacus, I do still need to finish Gods of the Arena but when I do that there won't be any more so that may be a long while. Then again, it's nearly all Gannicus and Oenomaus and they are such a huge part of why I love it.

I continue to fall asleep during Game of Thrones and wonder where the hell they are in the book. I'm on page 600 y'all and yes, there's an obvious connection between the show and the book but the novel spends literally THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of words describing clothing and sigils and food and wine and stories that the TV show uses the camera to convey [and skips the stories] that I find myself enjoying the show so much more than the book that it makes me sad.

Book readers, is book 3 the big transitional set up book for the action in the rest of the story?

I did manage to stay awake all the way through the second episode of Hannibal [I fell asleep during the pilot]. I REALLY ENJOY HANNIBAL. The casting on Hannibal himself is just ... jesus. I hope I never run across that guy in real life because I would scream and run away.


The Good Wife gave me hope once again this week that my dream upon dream upon dream of Florrick, Agos and Associates will come true.


Dancing With The Stars is the shit. This season the dancing isn't so hot only about 3 real contenders. But I watch for the Dancers not the stars and Val has really upped it this season. You get to watch the pros dance with other pros on results nights and I would rather watch Val dance than any other male ballroom dancer I've ever seen. There's something so fluid and sensual about his every move. Even when it's a dance like Foxtrot or QuickStep he makes it sensual without being over the top SEXY like Max [although when they dance on the stage together there's some sort of kismet magic that happens]. The other men are amazing, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel a connection to them when they dance like I do Val.

I'm sure this means that it's a crush and not that he's the best dancer in teh world!

A couple of last year's SYTYCD ballroom ladies are on DWTS this season. One of them is dancing with a contestant and the other is in the troupe. That always excites me.

My job has been giving me gray hairs the past couple of weeks. I didn't need any help with that job, thank you. Between the people at Sprint and the people in Hilton Head SC government I'm about to lose my god damned mind.

Looks like May 6 will be when I get my cover-up finished. I can't wait!
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You guys. Dancing With the Stars is so fucking good this season.


Val and Peta particularly, but all the contestants are so amazing. SO AMAZING. The person who was voted off last week was undoubtedly one of the best dancers, but I honestly have no idea 'who' she is so I'm thinking her star status is what knocked her out.
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You guys. Alicia Florrick has *had* it. Talk to the hand ladies and gentlemen because this woman is no longer The Good Wife, she's a lawyer and she'll *make* you do it her way. I'm just afraid that in the process, she's going to be re-made into someone she wouldn't want to be. I am however, already stupidly excited for next season and we haven't finished this season yet!

If anyone would like to discuss the MANY epic moments of Sunday's episode, please come into the comments and do so.

I've never really thought that any of the Dancers and Stars were engaging in shenanigans until this season. In the package Derek looked at Maria with this ... possessive glint in his eye and I was suddenly shouting at the tv OH MY GOD THEY ARE TOTALLY DOING IT. I felt like I was about 14 years old and Magz gave me the stink eye.

ION: Brienne! Arya! Margarey! awesome ladies FTW!
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So I've been watching DWTS off and on for probably 5 seasons -- depending on who the stars are. Three of which Derek has won. [Derek is my DWTS boyfriend btw] I often wonder how they match Stars with Dancers and who Derek's been fucking to get all the best female contestants.

Poor Maks. He always comes so close but as far as I know he's never won. Who *isn't* he fucking?

And then, I watch Cheryl Burke, especially this season, and I wonder? Does she hate her job? Is there any reason why her extensions are half-assed? Why her footwork is a little sloppy? Why her choreography isn't as awesome as the other Dancers? I thought maybe I was being unfair to Cheryl for some reason I'm not aware of, but I watched them last week when it was all pros [to make sure it wasn't dancing with the star that made her sloppy] and Cheryl looked like an amateur compared to the other pros. I watched it repeatedly. She had no flare in her turns, her extensions were *still* half-assed and she just didn't "sell it" it any way.

Has she always been like this? Does she just hate Rob Kardashian? But last season, I noticed it too. The last time I saw her dance *well* was with Ochocinco.

Is she burnt out? Am I an over-critical cunt?

[well, yes, I am, nearly always but am I now?]

Does Len really hate Bruno as much as it appears?

Inquiring minds want to know

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* CHUCK!!!!!! ::cough:: Chuck is back on Friday nights!!!! spoiler )

In conclusion, Chuck is one of the most amazingly funny, awesome action-packed, female-saves-the-day shows nobody ever watches. Fandom, your taste in television [or lack of] never ceases to amaze me.

* Fantasy Football is kicking my ass. I have no idea how to make it better. Clearly, I should read the rules/instructions/whatev instead of winging it.

* The Good Wife spoilers )

DWTS group dance last night: Maks/Derek/Kardashian? fic me somebody for the love of god.


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