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Teen Wolf and The Good Wife both made a move for the same reason.spoilers )

In short, Chris Argent is my favorite. I kind of hope he adopts Isaac. Dear tv, give Derek a break and could Stiles please quit channeling Christian Slater circa Heathers? That'd be great, thanks.
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This is Derek Hale's curse:

Externally he is beautiful. His body is as perfect as a body can be. His eyes are ethereal, his cheekbones could cut glass. He is physically as close to perfection as one can get — the exception being his little rabbit front teeth — how sad a wolf should have rabbit teeth.

Internally he is nothing but broken shards of glass, ground up and stomped on until only a few jagged shards remain in the dust. In order to be put back together, the dust and shards will need to be set on fire and melted until they slump into glass. Then he can be reformed, but he’ll never be whole. There will always be another speck of dust or shard of glass that was over-looked. And those pieces will scratch the new him until he shatters all over again.
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] cherrymmm

Dear Teen Wolf fic writers,

Can we write about something besides Derek/Stiles now?

Teen Wolf )
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I give up. Fandom has moved on. I'm reading fic nearly exclusively at AO3. The Teen Wolf fandom is almost entirely on Tumblr. So I have one, unsurprisingly I am turnonmyheels over there.

[Poll #1859158]

Best Leverage Moment in a while:

Two good old boys
behind the wheel
chasing down bad guys in the Lucille


Shows that make me happy:
Political Animals
Teen Wolf <-- apparently it's my new primary TV fandom. I'm not even pretending to be ashamed of that.

Things that are okay:
Necessary Roughness
Suits <-- I need some fic that is Donna/Louis/Rachel. I'm not ashamed about that either. I'd like for it to be a couple hundred thousand words

Things I don't really care about but watch anyway:
True Blood
Covert Affairs

Things that I can't quite make up my mind about:
the guy I've been seeing

Things I don't know if I can wait until September for:
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Dear Teen Wolf fandom,

Have you ever seen the backseat of a Camaro? Two full-sized men/women/wolves/etc cannot fuck back there. Or lie down. Or spoon. Darlings, that's what bucket seats are for. That's why there's so much leg-room in the front of the car. That's why the seats are wide enough to kneel on them and have some spill-over room before they get crushed by the console/door panels

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I'd like to stumble across a well-written Teen Wolf fic that was true to canon.

Don't get me wrong, I love fluff, crack, parody, pack-bonding and all the other silly stuff, but I want to read something that gets into the meat of Beacon Hills rather than idealization of the characters and shipper wish fulfillment. I don't want the semi-abusive or abusive relationships glossed over. I don't want the Argents to be okay with Scott or *anyone* outsider the Hunter circle. I want all the angst, violence, lies, and desperation I see on the screen in what I read. WHY is that so hard?

Oh hey, you know what?

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Dear Teen Wolf and Political Animals,

You can stay. Dear GOD you can stay.


As I said elsewhere: The Vampire Diaries used to be like this. Then they kept speeding up when they should have slowed down and the show really suffered for it. I hope that since next season is going to be 24 episodes the pace will calm. The moon coming is the second? Or third? Good GRIEF.

It was a really great episode and Stiles totally owned it all.

Allison's mother is horrifyingly scary

Dear Leverage,

In my mind that was a Chuck/Leverage crossover. Hello Colonel Casey, GREAT to see you. Which one of your identities knows Elliot?



Jun. 27th, 2012 08:31 am
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Longmire: I'm still uncertain whether or not I like this show. I like the cast. I like the setting. I like the fact that Native Americans are included on the show even though I'm uncertain about their portrayal. I *hate* the fact that even though it has Katee Sackhoff [Starbuck] and Cassidy Freeman [Mercy from Smallville] that in four episodes it still doesn't pass the Bechdel test. Please god, give me some interaction between these two 'cause I've got 6000 words of smut just waiting to hit the page, if only I had something to base it on.

What I do love is the relationship between the two male leads [Walt and Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips)] is so slashy I can't stand it. If I had any interest in writing Western themed anything I would have pounded out 50k words of how they fell in love while Walt's wife was sick and that they torture themselves by never having given in to their feelings. Due to a) wife, b) internalized homophobia c) they don't really understand that they are *in love* and not just friends. The fic would also tell the story of how Vic and Cady *are* in a relationship together and hide it from the world.

So I guess that means I like the show? And yet, I don't think I do. I like its potential, I'll get back to you on that.

Suits: I want Mike to grow up. I can't express how strongly I want that. I want Jessica to feel like Harvey has her back and that the two of them can do anything. I want Donna to continue allowing Louis to persuade into exchanging information for fabulous tickets that turn into dates that lead to Louis worshipping Donna, and Donna allowing him. I want Rachel to get some consistency to her character. I want to live in Harvey's condo

Teen Wolf: HOLY GOD. Has anyone ever seen a douchier pack of werewolves in the history of ever? My DVR cut out on the last minute or so, I'd love it if someone could tell me what happens after Read more... ) I want there to be communication between Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and Scott. The four of them have the potential to be an incredible team but THEY HAVE GOT TO INFORM LYDIA WHAT IS GOING ON. You know who else needs to be told something? Allison -- Scott has got to tell her what Grandpa Tigh did. ALL the lines of communication need to open on that show. I get so frustrated with media when the primary way they add drama is to stop characters from sharing information. That is SO lame and lazy.

Why don't I have icons? Where are the Teen Wolf icons? As much eye-candy as is on that show there be hundreds if not thousands of icons to sort through, help a girl out, please?

Bunheads: Is anyone watching this? I can't get past the completely inappropriate constant brain dump of the main character. I'm told this is how Gilmore Girls was? It. Drives. Me. Nuts. I don't find it charming at all. Other than that, it's a solid show, it almost fills the Make it or Break it void

Breaking Point: Not nearly as fun as I wanted it to be, could there be more dancing PLEASE and less weird relationship between that one couple. They are seriously unhealthily co-dependent it hurts to watch. I also feel like they're pandering to the audience by having the dancer, particularly female dancers, talk about how much they eat all the time.

Finally, there's a show coming up on on USA sometime in July called Political Animals with Sigourney Weaver and it looks AMAZING.
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Teen Wolf is back! And boy did it ever hit the ground running. I'm shocked and titillated and curious and laughing so hysterically I have to rewind to catch dialog and then HOLY SHIT IT'S COLONEL TIGH!!! Except not Col. Tigh, he's Allison's granddad and you do not want to get on his bad side 'cause he has a *sword* and he knows how to use it.

Oh show, of the beautiful eye candy. I'm so glad you're back. I'm so glad you advertise Magic Mike [who's going?], I'm so glad you're back I've thought about buying your DVD's so I can see the extended finale from last season. But I'm cheap and poor.

Dear Stiles,

I love you best of all. Which makes me no different than the rest of fandom.


Why don't I have any Teen Wolf icons? ::goes to find some::


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