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Gemma has worn open toed shoes instead of boots for the past two episodes.

I do not like this costuming choice. She feels vulnerable to me, which I'm certain is what they want


SoA link

Dec. 7th, 2012 08:33 am
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Interview with Sutter TV Line

I'm glad I read the interview. It reminded me that things aren't always what they seem. Really, considering the finale that should be in the forefront of my mind. ANYWAY, I got a little breathing room after a mostly sleepless night.

Yes, the finale kept me from sleeping. Yes, I am ridiculously over-invested in this show.
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Just watched the SoA finale.

That was some sick, brutal, and twisted shit.


spoiler )
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Liveblogging Sons of Anarchy 5.12

spoilers )

And really, what I want more than anything is my icon to somehow come true. I've never really shipped a pairing before now.
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I helped Heather move Saturday morning. It was coldish and rainy and probably not the best way to spend the day considering my sinus infection. Considering Heather helped me plant my first flower bed last year [and wound up in the hospital], helped me paint, helped me move ... you get the picture. I was the first one there and the last to leave. She's not actually finished moving yet. We just got the big stuff Saturday in about two weeks it'll be all the little stuff.

So I'm home alone Saturday night recovering from the move. There is *nothing* on TV and I debate with myself:

Star Trek Reboot
Sons of Anarchy Season 1

If you guessed SoA you get a gold star. Things I had forgotten about season 1:

* in the very first episode Unser says he's retiring in 60 days due to the cancer. Clay forces him to stay on

* I have hated Clay since the very first episode. The only "good" thing he's ever done [castrate the child rapist] was still evil since he used it for blackmail

* As a prospect, Half-Sack was allowed in church -- he didn't get a vote but he wasn't kept in the dark. He was fully involved in every aspect of the club, not just the hazing/grunt stuff. The current crop of Prospects are essentially baby sitters/body guards

* Juice was more than a hacker. He had snitches at city hall! And the Sheriff's department! And other sources as well. He was essentially the only source of info the club had, other than Gemma's town gossip. Theo Rossi was also listed as guest star up through episode 4

* Opie had been out of prison a while.

* my god Piney was sick -- they have looking like he's at death's door the first time we see him.

* Juice to Half-Sack: It's not gay! I've been shaving for years.

* Jax literally whores himself for the club. Chibs is the one who brings him the trick

* Luanne and Gemma were legitimately friends

* The first interaction we see between Gemma, Tara, and Jax is at the hospital. There is no sense of familiarity, other than using first names. Gemma treats Tara with respect. It's only when Able is out of the woods that Gemma starts up. There's a shot of the two of them standing side by side ... I have all the feelings in the world about this and I swear to god, someday I will write the essay about how Gemma = Tara and that frame will be the cover. Not to mention the scene where Gemma suggests to Tara that Tara would be better off sleeping with Gemma

* Happy has been there since the very first episode. For whatever reason I didn't think he came along until later.

* The entire plot of SoA hinged from the first episode where the Mayans stole their guns and burned down their "factory" every single step since then came from that one plot point. The Mayans are one of their best allies in season 4.

And that's just what I've forgotten in the first four episodes.
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Does anyone know what kind of gun Juice used to kill Miles??

If I got a screen cap of the gun could someone tell me? I used to have a weapons contact once upon a time, but that was a lifetime ago.

Should I let this detail go, put in a generic "Glock" and hope that if someone *does* know and reads my fic they'll tell me? It sounded to me to be semi or fully automatic, but all I know about guns is I feel more comfortable with rifle/shotgun style and can shoot the shit out of a target.

Hand guns, not so much. They've given me the woolies since my cousin committed suicide with one.

here's a list of all seen/used season 4 weapons if anyone could pick it out of a list

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] azewewish!!
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When writing fandom fusions wherein another fandom is going to school at Hogwarts, it's important to sort the characters correctly.

For instance: regardless of his chess playing ability [please see Ron Weasley the finest chess player in HP 'verse], seduction techniques, and general ability to lie: James T. Kirk would never sort anything but Gryffindor. And if you think I'm wrong, look at his gold uniform. He's already dressed like a Gryffindor.

Things like that irritate the shit out of me. I mean yeah, your fic and all, opinions vary, and YMMV, and all that shit, but James T. Kirk is *not* a Slytherin. The End.

Other things that irritate me: You say your fic has been beta'd and lo, the beta is AWESOME. Why then are your canon character names spelled incorrectly and why did I come across "fallowing" when it should have been following? Hmm?

[livejournal.com profile] tvd_hiatus opens for prompt claiming tonight at 9:00 pm EST.

Dear Kurt Sutter



My thoughts on SoA copied/pasted from a comment I left at essene's lj )
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See Tig? That's how I felt after this weeks Sons of Anarchy )

I swear to god, between the intensity of Sons of Anarchy and pacing of The Vampire Dairies I may not make to the end of this season.

BTW: FX ordered 1 additional episode for this season.

and this episode reaction is totally going to be my mini-nano count for today.
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omg. with the bad run and then the illness, I will now be officially *under-trained* for the Half-Marathon 12/3


is panicking

and my back injury is tweaking at me. I've spent so much time on the couch getting over the crud my body is rebelling against me.



Remember back in season 2 when there was Tig/Gemma for about 15 seconds? This week brought that back to me, BIG TIME. Katy and Kim are just so visually *striking* when they're standing beside each other. guhguhguh
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[Poll #1788362]

Neti potting gets easier every time. Yay. I have a lovely bottle full of amoxicillin and I am already vastly improved from yesterday. Yay.

Vampire Diaries continues to be awesome.

Meanwhile, boss told me to stay home after my Doctor appointment and to take today off. So I have. Since then I have mainlined all of Strike Back and WOW I love the flow between the episodes when you watch them all together. The progression of Scott and Stonebridge's partnership is truly a beautiful thing to behold. And where did they find all those lovely breasted women? Seriously, the boobs on this show are completely amazing. There is so much swirling in my mind about the show and I want to get it down on paper but I'm holding off until the season is over. There's only one more episode left. I'm hoping they don't kill off everyone and start all over again because these characters are amazing together.

I really want to fuck Colonel Grant.

And Damien Scott.

Preferably at the same time.


There is not a Strike Back com on LJ. There is not one single Strike Back fiction on AO3. There are 2 on fanfic.net one from season 1 and one from season 2.

Fangirls. This is criminal. HOW can you not be writing about this show? JFC. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? There aren't any icons. I can't do graphics!

Help me Yuletide, you are my only hope.

I'm about to pop in SoA season 3 and re-watch it. Except I want to start from the very beginning. BUT! I only have so much time and if I'm going to write Jax/Trinity I need to immerse myself in season 3. BUT! I also need to get all the early Juice and Tig and Chibbs bits so I can work on that too. There's only so many hours in a day and 13 episodes per season. I've watched season 1 at least 3 times and none of the others more than once. What do, what to do??

If you hear of a random killing spree in rural North Carolina, I've cracked from watching too much ultra-violent television.
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] bailunrui

Hello Kick-off to Fall Television!

SoA is under way and this season looks like it's going to be spectacular and completely Over-The-Top. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love every single character on that show each for their own reason, but I have to say if I ever met any of them in 'real-life' and they were to become a regular acquaintance/friend I'd have to say Bobby is with out a doubt the smartest, funniest, wisest, and holds true to his own set of morals more than any other character. And maybe Juice. Maybe. We just don't know anything about him but spoiler )

Ringer turned out to be a pretty damn good pilot. I always thought SMG was a great actress and it's not that I think she's become a bad actress, it's just that her face will forever be Buffy to me and I'm not certain I can get *past* that. She has a few facial nuances that just SCREAM Buffy. She did a good job playing the twins and giving them each an identity but still -- BUFFY!

Does anyone else have this problem not just with SMG but anyone?

I'm going to be so sad to watch the finale for Necessary Roughness. It's *so* entertaining. And unlike my issue separating SMG/Buffy I have had NO issue separating Callie Thorn/Sheila from Rescue Me. Dr. Dani is a bit crazy, but she's not oceans of crazy.

Vampire Diaries kicks off tonight!!!!! \o/\o/ I'll be out with Walter [we're going to see a showing of Hedwig on the big screen. I LOVE HEDWIG] so I won't get to see it until who knows when, don't spoil me!

BTW, football season has also kicked off. My team got the absolute shit kicked out of them Sunday. It was painful and embarrassing and I hung my head in shame. It was doubly embarrassing because I'd drug Walter [who doesn't watch football or know anything about it really how do I always wind up with dudes like that?] out to a bar to see the game Sunday.
At least my Fantasy Team won its first game. But that was just pure damn luck and Wes Welker my not-so-secret-now-that-I've-told-you Wide Receiver Boyfriend.

ALSO HOLY SHIT!!! I knew Connie Briton [Mrs. Coach from Friday Night Lights] had something in the works American Horror but I had NO IDEA IT ALSO FEATURED DYLAN MCDERMOTT one of the most beautiful men in the world, or that it would be a genre show. The fact that its a Ryan Murphy shows makes me nervous [please see my once oft-mentioned loved of Nip/Tuck and what it turned into, and don't get me started on Glee] AH will air on FX Wednesdays at 10 starting 10/5

Other things y'all may or may not be aware of, Lost Girl season 2 is currently airing on Sky -- it will make it SyFy at some point but you can watch now. Strike Back on Cinemax is incredibly homo-erotic and has nice action sequences - plus if you're short on time like me, you really don't need to watch season 1 to jump in.

Other things I still need to watch: final episode of series 2 Luther -- I'm saving it for a special occasion. And Torchwood. I can't seem to bring myself to watch it and with everything kicking up for Fall I'm not sure when/if I will.
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You know how it is when you have an inexplicable craving for something? And you google and you google and you troll around on fanfic.net and think to yourself evidently you're the only one in the universe this fucking insane?


I have a need for a Sons of Anarchy pairing that is ... unconventional to say the least. I say it's unconventional because there is nearly zero SoA fic, but of the fic that's written there is NONE of this.



Yes, I am nuts. And as much as I ever ship any pairing ever I believe wholeheartedly in Jax/Tara BUT I'd still love to see some thank you for rescuing me smut. I'd love to see some get back at Jax smut. But do you know what I'd really love more than that? Courtly Love fic. Oh yeah, I'm a great big cliche [I'd also really love to see some Damon/Elena Courtly Love fic that segues into Damon/Elena/Stefan WHO WILL WRITE THIS FOR ME?]

I digress.

So. Tara and Tig and Tara/Tig. There's totally basis for either of these scenarios in this season. The whole thing with the cover up with the nurse, and then Tara bailing him out of jail, and now the rescue.

The thing is, I LOVE how Tig is with Tara [and with Gemma -- that scene last season SMOKING HOT]. I love how he calls her Doc when he's being casual and how he says her name when he's being serious. I love how she sort of knows just how deviant he is [canonical necrophilia FTW] and still can hang out with him and be chill.

Did I mention how much I love Tara in general? I get really annoyed in the few SoA comms I follow and see people talk about how much they hate her. They don't hate her, they want Jax for themselves and that's just stupid and lame so I mostly roll my eyes and skim past.

I digress again.

But yes. I NEED Tara/Tig. I wasn't planning on signing up for Yuletide this year because of how much I have going on in my life, but seeing as how it may be my only chance ever in getting this pairing? I guess Imma have to.
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I sat down last night SO excited to see what happens next in Damon Land Mystic Falls only to discover it was a REPEAT. Now, I nearly cried because I'm that invested [go ahead laugh, if you watched it -- and why the hell don't you? -- you'd understand] but because my cable had fucked up earlier in the week I had yet to watch Sons of Anarchy.

So instead of crying I watched SoA instead spoilers )

In conclusion, I love it when my shows make me *feel*
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An email from the man selling me my house:

Read more... )

I enjoyed SoA last night. Well, I always enjoy SoA, but I especially loved it last night Read more... )

So. I have a thing for short stocky men. Scott Caan always to be affectionately called "Tweeter" by me due his Awesome, Amazing, Funny, And Skankily Sexy roll as "Tweeter" on Varsity Blues is like, my A#1 short, stocky, Hollywood crush. So I've watched Hawaii 5-0 for him. You guys, aside from Tweeter being very cute but not enough like Tweeter to make me happy, and the scenery? I've been bored with the show. Also, Grace Park's super willowy figure is distracting me. She looks as thin as Ally McBeal did and it makes me worry for her poor bones. [Bone density is something that occupies my thoughts more than it should]. And the lead guy? Has less charisma than Not-Tweeter's kid's stuffed bunny. Gavin Park looks good though ...


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