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Okay, I knew all along Tara wasn't pregnant. I figured she was biding her time and that she would fake a miscarriage and blame it on all the violence of the life, etc.

I did *not* know until about 5 minutes into the episode that she was going to get Gemma to attack her and blame the fake!miscarriage on Gemma. As soon as I figured it out my heart rate climbed to an actual aerobic level and STAYED THERE until about 20 minutes after the episode was done. I slept for shit last night, thank you SoA.

Sutter did such a GREAT job through this season of highlighting how Gemma truly can be good [in her own way] and loving [again in her own way] and in Venus' words KIND [again in her own way] so it was such a STARK contrast to see her mothering Venus and Venus' son and taking care of Wendy [in her so FUCKED UP] way vs. the physical outbursts and violence she's repeatedly done this season. Tara set her up, but Gemma's own nature is what destroyed her.

I felt sorry for Gemma when it went down. I'm not gonna lie. The look on her face when she realized what happened -- all I could do was laugh out loud. Seriously. This is the woman who gave Wendy a needle full of shit to kill herself with. This is the woman who has menaced, threatened, murdered, plotted against and betrayed *everyone* around her from episode one. I'm sorry I can't feel bad that she's getting hers.

That doesn't mean I don't love Gemma, god knows I do. She's mesmerizing in her viciousness and in her vulnerability. But from day one [probably way back when they were in high school though we don't have canon proof of this] she has essentially manipulated and twisted Tara into a younger, smarter version of herself. Tara has only done what she's been taught to do, which is keep her family safe regardless of the cost.

And if the cost is Gemma's life in prison and the eventual hatred of the man she loves more than she can say ... then Tara is willing to pay it for her sons all while she sits in prison and keeps the club safe. She's not a rat. She hasn't betrayed anyone, not by *their* standards. She has truly become one of them. It's been a fascinating descent -- I knew she was all the way there when she instigated the fight in jail to get her blanket back. No one who wasn't 'ready' would have done that.

Gemma would have done the same damn thing Tara's done here given the opportunity and probably wishes she'd thought of it first.

As for the rest of the episode -- I love the club the best when they are helping the under-dog. Add in a little Tig crush on Venus and this may go down as my favorite episode ever.

Last week when things finally set to rights again -- I started thinking about picking up my SoA series and moving on. Watching Tig and Venus last night, I know that's where I'm back to.

I don't know that I can go back to Chibs/Juice -- I'm going to give the boys a chance to get back together on-screen before I try to get back together in fic.

Meanwhile: I'm looking at my icon and mourning. My only canon OTP more or less died even if Jax doesn't know it yet.

How long will it take him to figure it out?

If he does figure it out, will Tara finally tell Jax that Gemma was in on the plot that killed his dad?

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