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Actually Bobby, the correct answer to the question,

What's the best that we could hope for?


To die in your sleep.

According to the Gambler, and what is it they're doing, if they're not gambling?

ION: The Vampire Diaries is fucking AWESOME \o/\o/\o/
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Oh Smallville -- you were so boring that I was distracted by an essay on why Vulcans are hot and then I missed the 30 seconds when something actually happened. THEN I was too bored to go back and see what I missed. Absolutely the most boring SV finale ever. ::shakes head::

favorite part of SPN )

You know what? Recs are coming up.

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We're so busy at work right now it's insane. But we've essentially lost our primary client, two of our clients owe us over half a million dollars, we have absolutely no cash to flow, and because of the economic environment can't use our credit line the way we used to.

Not to mention we don't have any work lined up past August. I've been busting ass trying to fix that but it seems like the only thing bidding right now are schools [we aren't very competitive on those] and I can't even begin to imagine how they're going to build all these schools when all state employees took a retroactive 5% pay cut and school systems are laying off right and left, and have shut down construction on current projects.

::deep breaths::

last week's Supernatural )


as did Star Trek. HOLY GOD that was GREAT. The casting was *inspired* And my absolute love and lust for Mr. Spock was increased about ten fold. I want me some green-blooded vulcan hotness now please.

favorite ST moment )

Where are all the fic coms for the movie? Where is the Spock/Uhura fic? Where are the icons?
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Smallville so completely has not sucked for the past couple weeks. Huh.

one thing about SPN )
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Flist aside, I feel very disconnected from fandom since the name change. Driving the [livejournal.com profile] crack_van this month has helped me feel a bit closer, but I still feel distanced. I think part of that is lack of writing fic and episode reactions. Some days I feel like so few of us watch the same shows that it's kind of silly to type up my squee, and others I'm just too lazy to do it *g*

I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo, I did it last year and it helped me get some stuff off my plate and through Yuletide without any major freak out. I'm hoping it'll do the same this year.

Things I want to cross off my fic list: )

Um. I have these two shows that I love above all others? They're called Friday Night Lights and Gossip Girl, just in case you didn't already know that. Ask me about them. PLEASE.

<b>Pre-sweeps Fandom Report Card! No Spoilers!</b> )
I've never had this many shows and it's beginning to overwhelm me. Still, I can't help wondering what shows I'm missing! I'm recording Mad Men, I've got all the eps ready to go I just haven't found time to watch them. I've watched 2 Generation Kill episodes it's good [it has that one vampire!] but it's not my cup of tea right now, I blame the election and the economy.
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[livejournal.com profile] chase820 has posted her annual list of TV's Hottest Hotties once again. Check it, it's a *great* read and not bad to look at either *g*.

Because I am the Queen of Procrastination I have decided to play along.

Chase's Official Rules:

The series in which each character appears must have aired within the last twelve months. Also, I personally must have watched the series within the last twelve months. Finally, I must have seen at least 25% of the available episodes for that series. (These rules will explain some of the more surprising omissions on the list.)

My Addendums:

I can't rank 10 - 1. I just can't. Instead, I've broken my top 10 hotties into categories and ranked from there.

Basically, I really, *really* like it when somebody kicks ass and doesn't bother taking names )

Sometimes they're so pretty, it really doesn't matter how bad the show is. I may bitch about it but in the end, I'm going to watch because, *damn* )

I need to spend some time in the therapist's chair because these guys? Re-define bad guys. )

I'm easy. Throw an accent at me and I melt. )

I've snagged pictures from all over the place, but I promise I'm hosting them on my own space.

Further proof I have no taste, the next two movies I absolutely *have* to see are Death Race and Babylon AD

Today I get a massage. YAY!!!!!

Tonight, if I don't start studying for my certification, I may not pass.

Recs coming later this week, and I swear I'm not even going to rant about what pisses me off the most about J2 fic.
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Finally! The *perfect* Chuck icon. (icon by [livejournal.com profile] ifoundwonder)

I have experienced "meh" and "so?" "WTFness" over the following episodes:

BSG: Escape Velocity - it had its moments but overall I didn't enjoy it at all

GG: Desperately Seeking Serena - although next week looks to make up for this one

Bones: every single episode since they came back from hiatus. WTF is wrong with Bones?

Smallville: Sleeper - only the dance scene which was very reminiscent of "True Lies" was fit to watch

I have experienced "wow that didn't suck as much as usual" with

SPN: Ghostfacers

And the elusive "OH! MY! GOD! THAT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME I COULD DIE \o/\o/\o/" goes to:

Friday Night Lights: deleted scenes season 2. So *that's* where all the awesome went last season. I should have known. Seriously, with the exception of That Which Shall Not Be Named every issue I had with last season was resolved in those few minutes.

Smallville: Descent


Leatherheads = meh

Forbidden Kingdom = fairy tale with martial arts, drunk Jackie Chan and monkey-king Jet Li. Much to like, not a lot to love.

Paris, je t'aime one of the best "films" I've ever seen.

I bought a laptop. \o/

Today is one of those days I may lose my bike in Spin class. I have running gear ready to go and am already pissed off about it.

It's Memaw's birthday. I guess I should stop not talking to her long enough to give her her present. I didn't buy her a card and I don't feel bad about it at all.

and ... that's everything.


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