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I watched the last two episodes of SoA last night.

I've been complaining about the over-use of gruesomeness since last season. I had hoped we'd moved past that in this season. Just as I was feeling secure and safe and REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoying Ron Perleman chewing the scenery talking about pussy in that amazing fake!preacher style and then he had to go and bite someone's nose off.

I just. I don't need that. I really fucking don't. There was another beat-down later that I had to look away from as well. QUIT BEATING ME OVER THE HEAD WITH THIS SHIT. The Sons and everyone they interact with are badass motherfuckers. I get it, really. They are all actually far more terrifying when they are cold and seemingly rational while they are burning you to death with their eyes [Jax and Gemma particularly].

I'm so glad Jax is keeping the lines of communication open with the club, I love how there aren't anymore secrets, even if that did expose Tara to their ire.

The scene with Gemma and Tara was perfect. Both of them made excruciating hits on the other. Yes, Gemma did teach Tara how to be just like her. But somehow, Tara lost the message about family. Gemma would have never faked a pregnancy and miscarriage. Tara is flat out wrong about Gemma just not being smart enough. And Gemma was also completely right about Jax's depth of love and hatred. Tara has never quite grasped the depth of his hatred. She just can't fathom why he won't forgive Wendy. She's not built like them.

And while I totally see where Tara was coming from and what she meant when she pulled the gun on Jax and then said, "look what you did to me" I also know that she brought it on herself. She insisted to be in the know. She demanded to be let in, and Jax loved her enough to trust her with all of himself. Looking at where they were standing at the end of season 5 in complete solidarity and trust to where they are now, is so painful. And so, so far apart. They're further now than they were in episode 1 and I just don't see how they can get back together.

Jax will keep her out of prison because she doesn't deserve it. Jax will let her keep/see her kids because she's a good mother [aka not a junkie] but he'll never put Tara above Gemma again. And after Nero forced full disclosure [JFC he's rapidly coming up on Chibs and Bobby as my absolute favorite ever] between Gemma and Jax I don't think anyone will ever be able to drive a wedge between them again.

The only that's left there is the truth about JT. I can't believe Gemma actually told her version of the story to Nero. Just when I think she doesn't really love him and she's just playing she does something like that and I wonder how I ever doubted her.

I really hope Galen is dead by the end of this season.
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