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Jan. 2nd, 2014 03:01 pm
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It's for the living room to get rid of the monstrosity that's there. photo
photo (2)



I like the curved blades and the nickel detail on the blades in the first one

I like the square light and only four blades on the bottom one.

THEY COST THE SAME. Although shipping is free on the bottom one and not the top

[Poll #1950643]
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In one of those, 'it could only happen to my boss' moments, he ordered 6 tickets for the Knicks vs. Celtics Friday December 13 in at the TD Garden in BOSTON. [he thought it was in NYC where he will be this weekend]

So. If anyone wants these tickets, they are free. I will fax/email a copy to you. If you know someone who wants these, have them PM me
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something a little bit lighter today.

Do you love Carabbas sausage and lentil soup? I do, as far as I'm concerned it's the best thing on the menu and unfortunately when I get the chance to go there [like, once every few years?] they are always sold out or it's not offered that day.

Guess what? I found the recipe.

1 pound green lentils

olive oil
1 lb Italian sausage <-- dear god, someone please tell me where to buy *good* Italian sausage in NC
1 cup diced onion (about 1 large)
1 ½ cups diced celery (about 4 stalks)
1 ½ cups diced carrots (about 3-2 large)
1 ½ cup diced zucchini (about 1 small) <-- this is the secret, I would never have thought to put it in as I consider this a winter soup and that's not a winter veg
1 tablespoon minced garlic (2 large cloves)

2 teaspoons kosher salt <-- depending on your broth and sausage this could be entirely way the fuck too much salt. Use your taste buds to test
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried thyme

6 cups chicken broth/veggie broth/water/whatever
2 (14 1/2 ounce) cans diced tomatoes, undrained

The Method that came with this recipe is shit. Here's mine or go your own way

brown the meat and drain the fat. While that's browning start cleaning and chopping veg. In the order of slowest cooking veg to fastest: carrots, celery, onion, garlic, zucchini

Saute slowest cooking veg in the pot first let them get hot before adding the next then proceed accordingly. Meanwhile pick through, rinse, and soak your lentils. When the saute is tender put the spices in. When that is smelling awesome throw in a splash of alcohol of some kind to de-glaze the pan, I used port. Then add your broth and drained lentils. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer. If you have a super awesome stove that may not be a big deal/time burner. It could take half an hour or so at my place :-( When the lentils are soft enough to eat but not *done* then add the tomatoes.

fun fact, if you put tomatoes in lentils too soon they will never get tender, the acid makes them firm up some

When all of that is bubbling together, add a handful of sausage. At this stage if you like to puree, puree. FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T BURN YOURSELF. Leave enough chunks to suit your taste, *then* add the rest of the sausage. If it's a little too meaty puree a bit more.
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The Good Wife this week was possibly its best episode EVER. I love this season and I'm *so* relieved it turned around because it was going off the rails a bit in the past.

Even though I won't be able to watch until Thursday I can't wait for this week's SoA.
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Gemma has worn open toed shoes instead of boots for the past two episodes.

I do not like this costuming choice. She feels vulnerable to me, which I'm certain is what they want

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Work has been crazy! Apparently when you bid a lot of jobs and then you GET the jobs, there's a lot of stress/managing the project until it's over with. Hello, welcome to me doing my full job to the best of my ability. It's been an adventure. I didn't have twenty seconds to rub together last week! It used to be I didn't have twenty seconds of actual work to do. I really love this change and I'm actually not missing the reams and reams of fic I used to read all the time to stave off boredom.

Fannishly speaking, I'm not feeling fannish AT ALL. I have little to no desire to read which is good I guess because I'm busy at work and I'm still so angry at a couple of SoA characters that I *can't* write that at the moment. I don't even care about Yuletide! How can you be a fangirl and not care about Yuletide?

Shows I have tried (and dropped): Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Vampire Diaries
Necessary Roughness

Show I refuse to try because I have learned my lesson:
The Originals

Things that make me happy:
Good Wife
Dancing With the Stars
Suits --Hulu still hasn't aired all the eps yet

Things I love but often have to turn my head away from the violence:
Sons of Anarchy -- JFC Sutter, I could really stand episode or two where I'm not nauseous
Strike Back -- surprisingly not as violent as SoA!
Graceland -- not the violence so much as the needle usage I can't look at that and Hulu still hasn't aired all the eps yet!

Things I can't help but watch:
America's Next Top Model
Sleepy Hollow <-- I like this so far!

Looking forward to:
Almost Human
Vikings -- can we get some more Vikings please?

Loved to bits although I disagreed with the outcome:
So You Think You Can Dance

Still haven't watched a football game this season -- and I am at peace with this. The Steelers being 0 -5 is helping me be at peace with it.
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I've been meaning to update about lots of things since vacation and I have utterly failed at that. Sadly, I'm still utterly failing because this is a professional request for help.

Situation: Windows Vista 64 bit work computer
Software: Pensoft PC Payroll
Issue: new printer

Now, every time I've had a new printer since Windows quit running XP and went on to other 'better' things, my payroll program won't recognize that I have authority to use the printer.

I mean, of all the fucked up things to deny me, it won't let me print.

[other programs such as Quicken allow me to use the printer without difficulty.]

Typically, the resolution has been to go into the program files in the C drive, right click, properties, choose the top box [run Windows XP (Service Pack 2)] and check the administrator button, apply, okay. Reopen Payroll software, select correct printer and rock on with my damn life.

Today, I had to install a new printer and my age-old solution failed. So I called Payroll tech support and spent an hour on the phone with someone who actually said to me "I'm not an IT person"


had me perform my traditional method of fixing shit about a billion times. We went through some other archaic shit I've gone through before but had forgotten how to do. We got to the part where the dialog box wouldn't let me select "automatic" as the paper source for the printer.

Then she and I had a bit of a personality squabble [I've had a bad fucking day that went sour at 6 am and deserves it's own entry but I'd rather talk about Pacific Rim or GRACELAND OMG blah blah] made up, and then tried something different. Then she said yet again, "I'm not an IT person" and gave up.

Did I mention that tomorrow is pay day? I can always switch back to the old printer but it's not working well and I'd probably have to go through all of this again with the same result.

Any ideas how to make the payroll software acknowledge the fact that I'm allowed to use the God Damned Printer? The only idea I have is that I didn't restart the computer after the printer install ... but for real? How lame would that be? Don't get me wrong, it'd be AWESOME and easy but ...

Re-start was the solution. It sure made my morning easier.
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I recently paired down my icons to 30 and intend to keep it there. I rarely use more than 3 anyway.

I will never let go of this one without replacing it with another from the franchise. Seriously you guys the Fast and Furious franchise is exactly what you think it is, plus one thing very important thing:

it's also AWESOME in a way so few things are [ethnic diversity, women in strong roles, sub-text out the whazoo, it's hilarious, and the people are so very, very pretty] Not to mention soundtracks created to work-out to.

If other summer blockbusters have you down for whatever reason, check out my favorite summer franchise.

Fic recs? I'm so eager for Fast 7 I can hardly stand it.

Maybe I should sign up to rec this fandom on crack_van in a couple of months. There are already a lot of gems ....
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title: The Pre-Eighteenth-Birthday-De-Virginization Plan
pairing: Stiles/Isaac
rating: Mature
summary: Scott and Stiles always had a contingency plan in place. Written for the prompt "sex on the beach"

the Pre-Eighteenth-Birthday-De-Virginization Plan

I will never, ever, understand the ways of people who read fanfic and leave feedback. This little fic which is slightly cracky and humourish is okay [at best], that I banged out in roughly 90 minutes has garnered twice the response of my other Teen Wolf fics that I have labored and struggled and poured myself into.

Fandom is fickle. But it is nice to get some comments and kudos
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This week is nearly finished and I couldn't be happier about that. Work has been hell. Thankfully, it's hell from other people's [outside our company] mistakes, but that doesn't make the situations easier to rectify.

An aside, I just wrapped up a letter with "you'll be hearing from my attorney." I don't know why that pleases me so much, but it does ;-)

I'm page 700ish in A Storm of Swords and shit just got REAL. Can't wait to see it play out on-screen.

Iron Man 3 won't happen for me this week [TATTOO TODAY, mowing, memaw's birthday party] next Friday night is when I will finally see it.

Everyone out there do me a favor? Email HBO here's the address:


and ask them when HBO Go will be available for non-cable/satellite subscribers. If enough of us offer to give them money for the service I have to think the answer will change from this:

Thank you for your e-mail. HBO is constantly analyzing various distribution methods, however offering HBO GO (our online streaming service) as a stand-alone product is not economically feasible at this time. We thank you for your continued interest in HBO.


HBO Consumer Affairs

to: That will be $25/month or $3.99 per episode or some such

Surely, if they understood how LARGE the potential market is they'd find a way to sell it to people
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I already miss Spartacus. Gratitude Steven DeKnight for such an amazing series. I still only have the one icon, I suppose now I won't have any more :-(

There have been three meetings of the Star Trek Soup Group since I last updated.

The Apple aka Garden of Eden episode; Soup it began life as the Easter ham. It ended life as a ham and onion soup. It's been three weeks and I usually drink a few glasses of wine on soup group nights so I don't have any more to give you here.

The Doomsday Machine aka the one with the alien monster that internally looks like a flaming sphincter and externally looks like a piece of poop flying through space. Surely, you need no other explanation of the episode other than Kirk and Company won. The Soup began life as the bone from the Easter ham, was turned into pintos cooked with ham bone then subsequently turned into: shredded chicken and pinto chili.

Catspaw aka WITCHES. When I was a kid, like a LITTLE kid pre-Kindergarten sized kid, this episode scared the snot out of me. It was hysterical to see it today and realize how easily a child can be frightened. The "special effects" that made the black cat look big was pathetic. Ah, the 60s.

Soup: Broccoli risotto
Salad: beet salad

and lo, the soup and salad was fucking amazing.

I am uncertain if I will continue to watch The Vampire Diaries in the fall. I just ... I hate Elena the vampire. I hate Elena the non-feeling vampire even more. I want to like her! Nina Dobrev does an amazing job in all her roles, but I'm just over it and that makes me sad. The show has gotten so repetitious in certain aspects and damn but I hate to agree with Bonnie's dad, but y'all need to get up off this whole saving Elena thing and deal with the actual shit going down. Sigh.

It's so rare I stick with a show all the way till the end. Looks at Spartacus, I do still need to finish Gods of the Arena but when I do that there won't be any more so that may be a long while. Then again, it's nearly all Gannicus and Oenomaus and they are such a huge part of why I love it.

I continue to fall asleep during Game of Thrones and wonder where the hell they are in the book. I'm on page 600 y'all and yes, there's an obvious connection between the show and the book but the novel spends literally THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of words describing clothing and sigils and food and wine and stories that the TV show uses the camera to convey [and skips the stories] that I find myself enjoying the show so much more than the book that it makes me sad.

Book readers, is book 3 the big transitional set up book for the action in the rest of the story?

I did manage to stay awake all the way through the second episode of Hannibal [I fell asleep during the pilot]. I REALLY ENJOY HANNIBAL. The casting on Hannibal himself is just ... jesus. I hope I never run across that guy in real life because I would scream and run away.


The Good Wife gave me hope once again this week that my dream upon dream upon dream of Florrick, Agos and Associates will come true.


Dancing With The Stars is the shit. This season the dancing isn't so hot only about 3 real contenders. But I watch for the Dancers not the stars and Val has really upped it this season. You get to watch the pros dance with other pros on results nights and I would rather watch Val dance than any other male ballroom dancer I've ever seen. There's something so fluid and sensual about his every move. Even when it's a dance like Foxtrot or QuickStep he makes it sensual without being over the top SEXY like Max [although when they dance on the stage together there's some sort of kismet magic that happens]. The other men are amazing, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel a connection to them when they dance like I do Val.

I'm sure this means that it's a crush and not that he's the best dancer in teh world!

A couple of last year's SYTYCD ballroom ladies are on DWTS this season. One of them is dancing with a contestant and the other is in the troupe. That always excites me.

My job has been giving me gray hairs the past couple of weeks. I didn't need any help with that job, thank you. Between the people at Sprint and the people in Hilton Head SC government I'm about to lose my god damned mind.

Looks like May 6 will be when I get my cover-up finished. I can't wait!
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Dear Fanfic Gods,

My dearest, truest, biggest wish in the world is for SOMEONE to write this woman aka Lagertha from Vikings:


and this woman aka Saxa from Spartacus having a GRAND adventure where they travel around Europe, pillaging, plundering, and fucking.

Lots and lots of fucking

I'd ask for some Naevia in there too but that woman is so broken it wouldn't be a fun adventure to read, it'd just be heart breaking.

I did all the housework in the world yesterday. You could eat off of my floor if you were inclined. Even the floor upstairs. Today: some grocery shopping, cooking, maybe some yarding, tv-ing, and some kitty-snuggling.
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Title: Keep Going 2/4
Rating: NC-17 warning, BDSM
Pairing: Derek/one night stands, Derek/Dyson (Lost Girl)

Keep Going
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] i_am_pondering! I will see you Friday morning if I'm already asleep when you and [livejournal.com profile] masterrickford arrive Thursday!

belated soup group thingies

Episode: Who Mourns For Adonais?
Soup: Loaded potato -- seriously, I caramelized the onion in some of the bacon grease. YUM

Reaction: JFC, why on earth did they change the theme song? That woman sounds AWFUL the orchestral version was MUCH better. IT'S THE ONE WITH THE HAND!!!!! And yet another random crew woman gets raped by an alien. Wow, way to bring the non-awesome. Random crew lady's pink grecian dress was frelling awesome though. Uhura's got a new hairstyle and looks amazing.

Episode: The Changeling
Soup: Chunky tomato dill <-- I did not care for that but everyone else did so ...
Reaction: Dear god, I hate what they've done to the theme song. IT'S NOMAD I remembered that episode very well. An old earth satellite melds with an alien being and winds up destroying all biological units because they aren't logical. It digs Spock, imagine that. Great episode. Uhura sang a bit and then got mind-wiped. We hear her speak Swahili -- Nurse Chapel and Dr. McCoy re-educate her to college level before she can re-join her duties. It's unclear if she ever got any original memories back. Kirk uses *logic* to defeat the being and it is *hysterical*

This week's episode is Mirror, Mirror, I am quite excited about that!
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Star Trek Soup Group Weekend Edition: no actual soup, sandwiches instead. City on the Edge of Forever. Bones accidentally gets hit with some meds from his hypo-spray and goes nuts. He falls through a vortex or some such and manages to reset history. So, Kirk and Spock go after him, and have to live through a bit of history to get to where Bones was. Enter Joan Mother-Fucking Collins!! So young and fresh faced! Kirk falls in love with her -- of course -- because he can't function without the emotional side of his menage a trois. Blah blah blah. They save the day, Joan Collins dies, and everyone's favorite boyfriends go home.

The next episode was the season 1 finale. Spencer refuses to watch it because, 'even when I was eleven I knew that god damned flying squid thing was fake and I'm not watching it now!'

So. We skipped that and went straight into Season 2. Lintel soup with mushrooms

Holy God, episode one was the Pon Farr episode. There are SO MANY THINGS. First of all Hello, Chekov! Second of all, Mr. Spock is an emotional nutcase, because he's in heat you see. And apparently Nurse Chapel is love with him? I can't figure out why she's crying if that's not the case. He thought he was going to be able to avoid this horrifically embarrassing and vulnerable Vulcan heat because he's a half-breed but he can't. He just happens to be in his 30s the first time it happens instead of a teenager. He must return to Vulcan and fuck or die. Spock is willing to die, but Kirk and Bones will Not Allow that To Happen.

So Kirk commits mutiny to save Spock's life. Spock calls his boyfriends his *best friends* and asks them to participate in the ceremony. The Vulcans get pissed that Spock brought humans to see the ancient rites, Spock's wife/finace rejects him, and picks Jim to fight him to the death and then Dr. McCoy out-thinks all the Vulcans in the universe to make it look like Jim is dead and saves the mother-fucking day.

Meanwhile, Kirk realizes Spock is a virgin and that's why he hasn't been getting anywhere trying to seduce him and Bones realizes if anyone's going to mess with Spock it's going to be Bones the end, or else Bones will mother-fucking cut a bitch. Everyone's favorite threesome is one step closer in getting their Vulcan into bed instead of just flirting


Also, Vulcans are speciest dicks.

And holy T'pau I want to bone Spock.

Kirk dresses to the left again -- my gay dudes are always checking out other men's packages which is why I know this -- and his pants were so tight that according to Spencer, 'you can see he's cut'

I try not to stare people's crotches as I think it's rude.


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