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* I have managed to take all required placement tests, orientations, and other such bullshit so that I may take two classes this fall. Once I had finished jumping through the hoops I was *finally* allowed a look at the course catalog. You would have thought the nation's nuclear codes were in it the way they wouldn't let me see the damn thing. Now that I have seen the catalog my plans have had to change. I had initially thought there was 6 classes that I could take to boost my acceptance chances. Unfortunately, there are only two more classes after fall semester I can take in the evening without my boss knowing. All the rest of them are day-classes so that means I'll be applying for admittance to the program in Spring 2018 rather than Spring 2019.

* Justin has been transferred from his job in SC to a job in GA. So that puts him at a four hour drive home once a week. It's a huge promotion and absolutely fantastic for his career. I am very, very proud of him. We are taking the kids to Asheville this weekend. We will stay with my friend Andi and all of us are going to the Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit concert Saturday night. Grilling out before the show, ice cream after, and then the kids are going to make brunch for Father's Day.

* I've almost managed to start exercising again. When I quit the Y last June I guessed it would be a year before I got back into it, and I was right. I really hate that the Y doesn't have the kind of classes I like. I'm getting a used Keiser M3 [studio style spin bike] and I will be spinning at home to my own music without any assholes yelling at me. I've ran a few mornings and between the sun, the humidity, and the bug bites I just can't handle it. I need to exercise indoors, thank you very much. Next Saturday, that Keiser will be mine and my ass is literally going to start shrinking AND getting nice and firm.

* Wonder Woman was everything. But I could have done with less slow motion.

* In just a couple more weeks Sally, Andi, and I will be in Detroit to see Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, and Jason Isbell \o/\o/\o/
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