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Went to see Winter Soldier last night. It was *so* good in so many ways, all of which you guys have already talked about I've nodded and agreed with everyone's posts and just rolled around in the joy of a fun, good movie with characters I care about and love.

I saw the non-3D version and I have a couple of questions for those of you who saw the 3D version.

1) There were several moments when both Steve and Natasha's make-up was just wrong. The foundation wasn't smoothly applied, the blush was out of control trying to 'contour' things that didn't need contouring, and the lips were very weirdly [pale pink ice] colored. I wondered if this was noticeable in the 3d version and if not, if it's an issue with making movies shot with different styles of cameras. [anyone who thinks Chris Evans' cheekbones need help with contouring is blind]

2) There was not one shot of Bucky with his Warpaint Camouflage Eyeliner. Not ONE and I was so disappointed not to see it. My friend didn't see it and we were both keeping an eye out for it. What the hell? Did the 3d version get the warpaint and 2d not? I do not understand.

3) I can see a Black Widow movie out of this. Please let us have it
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