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Teen Wolf and The Good Wife both made a move for the same reason.

They fridged characters. Both characters were killed because the actors wanted to do something different. On TW there was only one episode left so you don't really know how it's going to be handled. TGW has several episodes left of this season so we will see some of the fall out there.

What I've already noticed: Other than Scott crying [me crying], Chris Argent [dear god I do believe he's truly my favorite] compartmentalizing and Isaac saying he can't compartmentalize I don't think we're going to get anything out of Allison's death other than another dead female character. Possibly some snark out of the resurrected Kate [WHY??? I ... really can't stand TW and yet I watch it]

On TGW -- killing Will [a character I never had feelings about one way or the other so no tears out of me] is going to have repercussions. Media has fridged a man and in the fall out we're going to see how his death affects the WOMEN left behind. I'm very eager to see this. Especially Diane's arc the sneak preview of the rest of the season shows dramatic changes ahead for all of our women + Cary. , Alicia's journey has been amazing to follow, I've been with her every step of the way. I am very eager to see the other women take a different step on their path.

In short, Chris Argent is my favorite. I kind of hope he adopts Isaac. Dear tv, give Derek a break and could Stiles please quit channeling Christian Slater circa Heathers? That'd be great, thanks.
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