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All of the following original works of fan fiction are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License; attribution should include a link to this post. These stories are labors of love, not money, and are protected in the USA by the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976.

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Release Written: 2004 Rating: NC-17 Summary: Faith/Wesley set immediately after The Beast’s destruction in Salvage

Battlestar Galactica
Fundamentally Loathsome Written: 2006 Kara/Saul Warnings: Dark, not shippy, some squick factor Rating: Mature
Spoilers/Summary Kara and Saul from the end of Exodus Part 2 through the beginning of Collaborators

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Blood and Smokes Written: 2005 WishverseVampXander/Spike R

Fett for Bot Written: 2006 NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Warren Summary: Written for SpikeSlashficathon 2004, requested: Spike/Warren, Andrew and mention of Buffybot Spoilers: I Was Made to Love You

other assorted Buffyverse ficlets, drabbles, abandoned WIPs


Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl

Just Follow the Lights Written 2008 Tim Riggins/Chuck Bass Rating: Mature Summary: 15 years later, Chuck Bass is in Dillon, Texas

Friday Night Lights/RPS

What Happens at the Roundup... Written 2007 Tim Riggins/Chris Kane Rating: Mature language, under-age drinking Summary: A year after his dad leaves, a month after his mom finds her way to the bottom of a bottle and disappears forever, and a week after Billy comes home to take care of him, Tim finds a beat up Gibson in the attic.

Friday Night Lights/Sons of Anarchy

Riggins Won't Fear the Reaper Written 2009 Rated R Gen Fic. Set sometime in the future, where things are running on a normal course in Charming and Coach Taylor has just finished his first season at East Dillon, Tim Riggins decides a cross country road trip is just what he needs to figure out what he's going to do with the rest of his life, besides drinking beer and having sex. He gets as far as Charming, CA before his truck breaks down.

Dirty Sexy Money/Gossip Girl

This is Hardcore Written 2008 Jeremy Darling/Chuck Bass, Jeremy Darling/Nola Lyons, implied other relationships NC-17 Summary: When Bart won't give Chuck the funds to save the bar Chuck turns to an old friend for help.

Smallville/Queer as Folk

The Bright Young Things Written 2007 Lex/Brian, Lex and Brian. Mature (language, drug use this part) Summary: Lex needs a PR man. Brian is looking for the next big thing. **Universe Open for whoever wants to play

The Vampire Diaries/Lost Girl
Riding on a Rocket to the Planet of Sound Written 2011. Alaric/Bo NC-17 No spoilers for either show. Bo passes through Mystic Falls one night looking for someone good to eat.

The Fast and the Furious

Flowers Can Grow Between the Cracks in the Sidewalk Written 2007 Letty/Mia PG-13 - language Summary: Letty moves in with Mia after she gets out of prison

Gravity Written 2008 G, Gen, Letty and Mia Summary: It's not just the family we're born with, sometimes it's the family we make.

Friday Night Lights

How to Be a Team Leader in One Easy Lesson Written 2009 Pairings: Saracen/Smash/Riggins/Street Warnings and Ratings: Dubious Consent and NC-17 Summary: Pre-series. Matt’s been bumped up to Varsity and the guys aren’t giving him any respect.

Love to Watch Them Watch You Written 2008 Tim/Lyla Rating: Adult, sexual situations Spoilers: All of season three, but nothing that would ruin anything for you if you're not current. Promise Summary: For FNL Laundry List Challenge #31. Otherwise known as an excuse to get Tim and Lyla into bed.

My Lover's Brother Written: 2007 Tim/Jackie/Billy General season 2, nothing specific. Summary: Jackie realizes she needs to make some changes in her life

The Pursuit of Happiness Written: 2007 Tim/Lyla/Jason Spoilers: 2.05: Let's Get It On Rating: Hard R Summary: Before and after Lyla had to pray.

No Evidence Vignettes Written 2007 NC-17 Lyla/Tyra, Tim/Jason, Tyra/Tim, Jason/Lyla, Tyra/Tim/Lyla/Jasno AU pre-series

its continuation Written 2009 Better Late Than Never Tyra, Lyla, Julie

There Was This One Time Written 2008 Pairing: Tim/Jean All of seasons 1 and 2, deleted scenes from season 2 Rating: Teen
Summary: Jean is Tim’s new tutor

Unpave My Path Written 2007 PG-13 - language Jason/Lyla/Tim Summary: Follows events in and around El Accidente, with a love triangle twist.

Well, Shit Written 2007 Tim/Tyra
Rating: NC-17 Spoilers: Set pre-series, spoilers through Best Laid Plans
Challenge: Fake rake - a man falsely rumored to be promiscuous, who isn't; romance novel term. *Bonus* first-time sex Summary: He just couldn’t figure why people would lie like that; what was the point?

Miscellaneous Ficlets and Drabbles

Gone With the Wind
Honor's Garden Written 2009 Gen, G, Belle Watling wants to honor Melanie, but she needs a little help.

Game of Thrones

The Sound of Dragons Written for [livejournal.com profile] femslash11 Cersei Lannister/Daenerys Targaryen PG-13/R Set after the ceremony to restore Khal Drogo to life and before Daenerys woke up.

The Good Wife

Justitia's Hermes Written Yuletide 2010. Life hasn't worked out the way Cary planned. He is going to rectify that as soon as he can. Spoilers through 2.08

That's Me in the Corner, That's Me in the Spotlight Written Yuletide 2011 G. Set Post 3.09 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Diane, Alicia, and Kalinda re-examine their lives. Cameo appearance by Eli Gold

Gossip Girl
Misc. Ficlets and drabbles and an abandoned WIP Also here

Hart of Dixie

How Lemon Breeland Found the Groove (She Never Knew She Lost) G. Written for Femslash 2012. Lemon Breeland/Zoe Hart Season two fic set before the Mayor Election. Lemon takes a long look at her life and doesn't like what she sees.

Queer as Folk

Brian Kinney's Plan for World Peace Written 2007 Brian Kinney, Ted Schmidt Rating: PG-13 Assignment: Brian Kinney and sex toys

The Tutelage of Justin Taylor Written 2004 NC-17 Brian/Justin pure PWP heed the warnings!


Foggy Buzz Written 2008 Chris Kane/Ed Westwick, implied Chris/Dave Rating: Adult Warnings: drugs, language, sex Spoilers: uh. There are these two guys, one's name is Chris the other is Ed? Oh, and Ed's from England. I promise I have no personal knowledge of either of them.

I Don't Write RPS Written 2010 Adult, 1282 words for [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn prompt Fairies. Jensen Ackles, Michael Rosenbaum, Justin Hartley


Being Normal Written 2006 Rating: NC-17/Mature Prompt: rimming, finger fucking, frottage, sex in a car Spoilers: Lineage, Visitor

Sons of Anarchy

drabble and Drabble

The Silence in the Darkness (Fills the Spaces In Between) Written 2011 Part one of the Empty Spaces 'Verse Rating NC-17/M Juice/Chibs Set immediately post 4.08 Family Recipe. Picks up with Chibs and Juice under the tree answers the question, what happens next

The Cold Light of Morning Part 2 of Empty Spaces Verse. Written 2011 Rated R. Juice/Chibs immediately follows Part 1

Fall Into You Is All I Seem to Do Part 3 of Empty Spaces Verse. Written 2012 Rated NC-17 Juice/Chibs immediately follows part 2. Set within the episode 4.10 Hands

Staring Back from the Mirror a Face That You Don't Recognize Written 2012 R Juice/Chibs Part 4 of Empty Spaces verse, set inside the episode 4.11 Call of Duty immediately following the bathroom scene. Juice wants to turn around and hide from himself for a while but he can’t, not anymore. Not now, when it’s too late to take back what’s been done. Not when he finally realizes he was safe all along.

It's All Gonna Be All Right Written 2012 Rated R/M Gemma/Tig Part of the Empty Spaces 'verse but can stand alone. Set following 4.11 Call of Duty, Tig goes to check on Gemma

Helping Hand Written 2012 Part of Empty Spaces 'verse but can stand alone or with its companion piece yet to be published. Adult, Jax/Tara, vaginal fisting, female ejaculation

Stargate: Atlantis

He Knows Who He Is Written 2008 Team Replicator Fic. **Universe open to anyone who wants to play.


Hands Written 2007 Sam/Jess
Rating: NC-17

Teen Wolf

The Beginning Is the End Written 2012. NC-17. Kate had a reason for targeting Derek.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I'm Never Gonna Save the World From You Written 2009 Derek/Allison, Derek/Cameron Rating: Adult: sexual situations, language. Summary: Before he knew what she was, she came on to him and he went for it Spoilers through Allison From Palmdale

The Vampire Diaries

The Fine Art of Poisoning Written 2010 for the first Vampire Diaries Big Bang. NC-17 Warnings/enticements:: Bloodplay, felching, double-penetration. Summary: In the Spring of 1864, Katherine Pierce poses as an orphan to gain entry to the Salvatore estate in Southern Virginia. She captivates the household with her beauty and charm. She has everyone under her thumb with one exception, Stefan Salvatore. Determined to seduce him without using compulsion, Katherine decides to use Stefan's only obvious weakness against him—his brother. Pitting the brothers against each other quickly becomes more than a game, turning into full-on obsession as Damon requires no compulsion and little seduction to corrupt his younger brother. As the triangle shifts and the body count rises, no one will remain unscathed.

Here Comes Another Fall from Grace (I'm Always Falling On My Face) Written 2011. Damon/Alaric/Mason all combinations therein. AU post Ghost World -- All the ghosts are gone, or are they?

Throw Yourself From Skin to Skin Written 2010. Damon/whoever he wants. Rating: Adult. Damon screws (with) Mystic Falls.

Tomorrow Is Another Day Mature Caroline/Elena Written for the 2011 [livejournal.com profile] tvd_rareships Fic Exchage. Caroline has always viewed her life through the lens of Gone With the Wind

you feed the beast i have within me Written 2010 Tyler, Tyler/Vicki Rating: Mature. Five thoughts Tyler had about Vicki and one he had about Jeremy

Veronica Mars

How Many Dicks Would Dick Suck If Dick Did Suck Dick? Written 2006 Dick/Logan Rating: R Warnings: Language, Sexual Situations
Prompt: Mistaken for Gay

Logan and Weevile Go On Vacation Written 2006 Veronica Mars PG-13 Summary: Veronica sees Logan and Weevil while on vacation and decides to investigate what they’re up to.

User Friendly Written 2006 Logan/Various Rating: R/NC-17/Mature, sexual situations and drug abuse Spoilers: Early Season Two

random ficlet Logan/?


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