Oct. 7th, 2013

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Work has been crazy! Apparently when you bid a lot of jobs and then you GET the jobs, there's a lot of stress/managing the project until it's over with. Hello, welcome to me doing my full job to the best of my ability. It's been an adventure. I didn't have twenty seconds to rub together last week! It used to be I didn't have twenty seconds of actual work to do. I really love this change and I'm actually not missing the reams and reams of fic I used to read all the time to stave off boredom.

Fannishly speaking, I'm not feeling fannish AT ALL. I have little to no desire to read which is good I guess because I'm busy at work and I'm still so angry at a couple of SoA characters that I *can't* write that at the moment. I don't even care about Yuletide! How can you be a fangirl and not care about Yuletide?

Shows I have tried (and dropped): Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Vampire Diaries
Necessary Roughness

Show I refuse to try because I have learned my lesson:
The Originals

Things that make me happy:
Good Wife
Dancing With the Stars
Suits --Hulu still hasn't aired all the eps yet

Things I love but often have to turn my head away from the violence:
Sons of Anarchy -- JFC Sutter, I could really stand episode or two where I'm not nauseous
Strike Back -- surprisingly not as violent as SoA!
Graceland -- not the violence so much as the needle usage I can't look at that and Hulu still hasn't aired all the eps yet!

Things I can't help but watch:
America's Next Top Model
Sleepy Hollow <-- I like this so far!

Looking forward to:
Almost Human
Vikings -- can we get some more Vikings please?

Loved to bits although I disagreed with the outcome:
So You Think You Can Dance

Still haven't watched a football game this season -- and I am at peace with this. The Steelers being 0 -5 is helping me be at peace with it.


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