Jul. 24th, 2013

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I've been meaning to update about lots of things since vacation and I have utterly failed at that. Sadly, I'm still utterly failing because this is a professional request for help.

Situation: Windows Vista 64 bit work computer
Software: Pensoft PC Payroll
Issue: new printer

Now, every time I've had a new printer since Windows quit running XP and went on to other 'better' things, my payroll program won't recognize that I have authority to use the printer.

I mean, of all the fucked up things to deny me, it won't let me print.

[other programs such as Quicken allow me to use the printer without difficulty.]

Typically, the resolution has been to go into the program files in the C drive, right click, properties, choose the top box [run Windows XP (Service Pack 2)] and check the administrator button, apply, okay. Reopen Payroll software, select correct printer and rock on with my damn life.

Today, I had to install a new printer and my age-old solution failed. So I called Payroll tech support and spent an hour on the phone with someone who actually said to me "I'm not an IT person"


had me perform my traditional method of fixing shit about a billion times. We went through some other archaic shit I've gone through before but had forgotten how to do. We got to the part where the dialog box wouldn't let me select "automatic" as the paper source for the printer.

Then she and I had a bit of a personality squabble [I've had a bad fucking day that went sour at 6 am and deserves it's own entry but I'd rather talk about Pacific Rim or GRACELAND OMG blah blah] made up, and then tried something different. Then she said yet again, "I'm not an IT person" and gave up.

Did I mention that tomorrow is pay day? I can always switch back to the old printer but it's not working well and I'd probably have to go through all of this again with the same result.

Any ideas how to make the payroll software acknowledge the fact that I'm allowed to use the God Damned Printer? The only idea I have is that I didn't restart the computer after the printer install ... but for real? How lame would that be? Don't get me wrong, it'd be AWESOME and easy but ...

Re-start was the solution. It sure made my morning easier.


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