Mar. 25th, 2013

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Happy birthday [ profile] i_am_pondering! I will see you Friday morning if I'm already asleep when you and [ profile] masterrickford arrive Thursday!

belated soup group thingies

Episode: Who Mourns For Adonais?
Soup: Loaded potato -- seriously, I caramelized the onion in some of the bacon grease. YUM

Reaction: JFC, why on earth did they change the theme song? That woman sounds AWFUL the orchestral version was MUCH better. IT'S THE ONE WITH THE HAND!!!!! And yet another random crew woman gets raped by an alien. Wow, way to bring the non-awesome. Random crew lady's pink grecian dress was frelling awesome though. Uhura's got a new hairstyle and looks amazing.

Episode: The Changeling
Soup: Chunky tomato dill <-- I did not care for that but everyone else did so ...
Reaction: Dear god, I hate what they've done to the theme song. IT'S NOMAD I remembered that episode very well. An old earth satellite melds with an alien being and winds up destroying all biological units because they aren't logical. It digs Spock, imagine that. Great episode. Uhura sang a bit and then got mind-wiped. We hear her speak Swahili -- Nurse Chapel and Dr. McCoy re-educate her to college level before she can re-join her duties. It's unclear if she ever got any original memories back. Kirk uses *logic* to defeat the being and it is *hysterical*

This week's episode is Mirror, Mirror, I am quite excited about that!


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