Feb. 24th, 2013

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Last Wednesday it was Devil in the Dark, the mining episode. I always loved that episode because Spock mind-melded with the creature at tremendous physical and mental risk to himself. Remember, this is the first episode since Spock was hit with space pollen. The pollen appears to have had a somewhat permanent effects. Spock is more emotional in regards to Jim, he panics and worries much more easily and says Jim with much more ease and frequency [not to mention less reminding] than he used to. Meanwhile, he and Bones are much less acrimonious than before they got hit by the pollen. They're still antagonistic on the bridge and Spock is still largely all Vulcan while on duty but both of the characters mellow a bit here and as far as I know remain that way or become even more at ease the further we go.

The most unusual part of that episode was there was a complete absence of women. EVEN ON THE ENTERPRISE. Not one single woman in the entire ep. Zack and I realized that at the same time and turned to one another and declared SAUSAGE PARTY.

Soup that night was amazing, Fennel, Garlic, and Potato

Last night Spencer and I continued on our own with steak, potato, salad, and ice cream. Errand of Mercy was the episode and the FIRST KLINGONS!!!!! I'm really happy they gave Klingons some forehead ridges in TNG it made them look far more alien than Vulcans who only had the ears/eyebrows. Although, I wish TNG hadn't changed the Romulan face so much in TNG as it lessened the obvious similarities between Vulcan/Romulan culture. The original Klingon make up is a knock off of black face which was just awful. AWFUL. Alien intervention [non-klingon] prevented a war.

I think it's funny how all the non-evil aliens are essentially hippies.


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