Jan. 23rd, 2013

turnonmyheels: (Lost Girl: Kenzi)

Lost Girl Is Back! And WOW I'm already super excited for this season. I love that show. I love all the characters, I love that our heroine is a bi-sexual succubus with a completely platonic human BFF. I love all the different types of fae I love the dark, I love the light. I love how cheesey it can be, I love how sexy it can be.

I do not love Lauren. And it's not because I want Bo to be with Dyson or Kenzi [I actually really like Dyson/Kenzi, thank you or Dyson/Kenzi/Hale or Kenzi/Hale and Bo with whomever she's hungry for] or some other character we haven't met. It's because IMO the Lauren actress can't emote her way out of paper bag. I also don't feel like there's a real sexual chemistry between her and Bo which is a damn shame because Bo has off the charts sexual chemistry with EVERYONE [except maybe Trick] and Lauren.

I caught The Following last night. I like the premise, escaped serial killer with a fan following that does his evil bidding. I would watch James Purefoy do just about anything at all and him portraying a Poe obsessed professor that happens to messily mutilate people on the side? YES PLEASE I'LL HAVE SECONDS. I'll hold further comments until I've seen more.

Good Wife has thankfully left behind the Kalinda plot I was disliking so much and has instead turned a corner with Alicia being a sexual human being THAT IS DELIGHTING ME TO NO END.

Elsbeth Tascioni was featured this week and she's just about my favorite recurring character. Hang on, I say that about *ALL* the recurring characters, but they are really all GREAT. I'm just crossing my fingers that the rest of the season stays on track since it was so wildly off the rails earlier.

I haven't caught anything else yet, but I will. I've been battling my DVR and had difficulty getting Suits and Vampire Diaries, I have since acquired them through later showings and will catch up soon.

Star Trek Soup Group: I've no idea where we left off, we've had a few viewings since the last time I posted. Last episode we watched was the first time travel episode. The Enterprise was orbiting 1960ish earth. There were American astronauts, and some super extraordinarily bad science where the Enterprise sling-shotted around the sun to get back to the right year. O.O


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