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2025-11-29 09:05 pm
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Fic Masterlist

All of the following original works of fan fiction are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License; attribution should include a link to this post. These stories are labors of love, not money, and are protected in the USA by the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976.

All of my fic can be found on Ao3

Master List of My Fic By Fandom )
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2025-01-28 09:11 am

(no subject)

This Journal is Friends Only. Fannish content is posted publicly, private content is flocked.

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2017-06-28 02:06 pm

(no subject)

You guys! It has a Red Flywheel with a Wonder Woman Star on it. I didn't realize it until I unpacked it!

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2017-06-27 11:57 am

(no subject)

The great deal I found on Craigslist for the Keiser M3 spin bike was ... shady. They wanted a thousand up front before they would refurbish it. I'm not in a place where I can give someone a grand that I may never see again or receive the good I expected. So I followed advice from a dozen 'best spin bike' lists and bought a brand new Sunny Health and Fitness pro for under $400. It's supposed to arrive today.

then I assemble it myself [hopefully]


And then I will SPIN. With the music I want to listen to profanity and all. AND the fan will be blowing directly on me.

This bike is exactly like the first spin bike I ever used. I can't wait to get on it but my butt sure can it's dreading the ache already
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2017-06-16 09:56 am

(no subject)

* I have managed to take all required placement tests, orientations, and other such bullshit so that I may take two classes this fall. Once I had finished jumping through the hoops I was *finally* allowed a look at the course catalog. You would have thought the nation's nuclear codes were in it the way they wouldn't let me see the damn thing. Now that I have seen the catalog my plans have had to change. I had initially thought there was 6 classes that I could take to boost my acceptance chances. Unfortunately, there are only two more classes after fall semester I can take in the evening without my boss knowing. All the rest of them are day-classes so that means I'll be applying for admittance to the program in Spring 2018 rather than Spring 2019.

* Justin has been transferred from his job in SC to a job in GA. So that puts him at a four hour drive home once a week. It's a huge promotion and absolutely fantastic for his career. I am very, very proud of him. We are taking the kids to Asheville this weekend. We will stay with my friend Andi and all of us are going to the Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit concert Saturday night. Grilling out before the show, ice cream after, and then the kids are going to make brunch for Father's Day.

* I've almost managed to start exercising again. When I quit the Y last June I guessed it would be a year before I got back into it, and I was right. I really hate that the Y doesn't have the kind of classes I like. I'm getting a used Keiser M3 [studio style spin bike] and I will be spinning at home to my own music without any assholes yelling at me. I've ran a few mornings and between the sun, the humidity, and the bug bites I just can't handle it. I need to exercise indoors, thank you very much. Next Saturday, that Keiser will be mine and my ass is literally going to start shrinking AND getting nice and firm.

* Wonder Woman was everything. But I could have done with less slow motion.

* In just a couple more weeks Sally, Andi, and I will be in Detroit to see Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, and Jason Isbell \o/\o/\o/
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2017-05-05 11:12 am

(no subject)

I really wish I hadn't deleted my livejournal for just this one thing.

If anyone doesn't already know Moosesal's husband died unexpectedly last week.

I went out to Colorado for a week and she has since gone to Philly to visit Chris's parents.

I'm very behind at work and life so I'm not around a lot right now. Drop me a comment, email, or message me at facebook if you need to.

To the ladies I emailed I have some followup info
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2017-04-25 07:55 am
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(no subject)

I felt fannish about something!

I devoured a TV show in two settings and searched for fic -- found a whopping 16 stories.

Who can I entice towards Into the Badlands that likes to write epic fic?

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2017-04-18 02:06 pm

(no subject)

I ... think I'm coming out of this depression. I'm starting AND finishing projects around the house and at work. Sometimes I think, hey great job! Instead of constantly downing myself. This is awesome. Except I've been making some really egregious errors at work. I've had some good excuses about my meds getting mixed up and changed around and fucking me up, but that's only good for so much. At some point, you've got to make yourself stop fucking up and just do better.

So here's me, trying to do better.

I'm getting up in the mornings again. Not early enough for exercise but I'm early at work like I like.

I haven't had a prozac in about a week and I feel better than I did when I was on them. It's time for my PMS so I'll take them for the next few days and see how things go. I wonder if the Prozac while allowing me to do something other than sleep for the past year hasn't done some other things to me that now I'm feeling a bit more like me I can actually do something about them.

Despite all the fucking up, I did get a raise last week. \o/
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2017-04-11 09:03 am

(no subject)

I hit delete. It made me feel a little sad and empty. Sigh.

I've managed to lose 3 whole pounds. I had to buy some pants to get by in the meantime.

Justin started his new job so we see each other a bit less than we used to

That's all I've got
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2017-04-11 08:56 am

(no subject)

For some reason my last few LJ entries didn't make it over here so I'm going to copy/paste them here and then delete the old LJ.

January 24
My dear sweet Clay aka the Penguin passed away last night.

Sadly, it was a long struggle at the end. Back in July he came down with a terrible case of shingles. He still had it in September; he also had a boatload of oxycontin for his pain. The oxy on top of his general state of weakness resulted in MULTIPLE falls. He wound up fracturing every single thoracic vertebrae. At the end of October or maybe it was early November he had those vertebrae fused together with a rod.

And that was the beginning of the end. He bounced back and forth from the hospital where he had the surgery, to a local rehabilitation center, and the local hospital. He caught various infections both respiratory and in his incision. At the end, he had double pneumonia, pink eye, and the incision site had developed something they call tunneling.

He passed away at 9:30ish last night; I said goodbye at 6:30

I'm really tired of all this sick and dying. And god damn political fuckwittery.

Can't we have something nice for a change?

February 3

I have in my hands a shiny new gun permit. Back in the stalker!days I went out and got a permit but never bought a gun.

I will be going to the gun store today. I will be buying a gun soon [whatever the waiting period is].

I will be armed and ready when they come for us.

Because I saw FOUR filing cabinets of conceal carry permits in the Sheriff's department I will be taking a conceal carry class because I must be able to defend myself when the god damn Nazi's come.

Plus, break-ins are on the up because my county is now the 3rd highest in heroin related crime.

What a god damned time to be alive.

here are pictures of the girls to make you smile

February 13

Life on Doxepin for IBS:

Sleeping hard having Intense dreams. INTENSE. And often the same exact dream over and over. It's hard to wake up in the morning, like full on depression hard. The drugstore didn't fill the scrip the way it was written. They gave the pills to me in a form that I Can't take them as prescribed or as filled so now, I am taking it at lunch to help stave off the dreams and restlessness at night.

Actual IBS: Holy cow! What a major improvement. I cannot tell you how much a proper movement can improve every aspect of your life. JFC.

Trigger foods that still trigger: Cider. Cantaloupes. Those may have been an isolated incidence though; there were other things going on so I'm going to try one more time before putting them on the No list. Coffee. I had Two cups of coffee Saturday and oh boy. I was flying high on the caffeine, but coffee is a gut stimulant and boy, was I stimulated. One cup of coffee on Sunday [i drink tea the rest of the time] and everything was just fine.

Things I Can Enjoy Again: Dairy but I'm dedicated to the lactase and I'm also not eating it every day. Raw veggies like broccoli, cooked veggies like ASPARAGUS I ate asparagus last night [with a beano cause that's what the gastro-enterologist said to do]. I haven't had asparagus in a year or more. I LOVE VEGETABLES and now I can finally eat them again and stop eating MEAT and Starch at every damn meal. Cooked beans!!!!! I can do chili's and soups!!!!!!

Going back to school

I initially thought to go full time this fall. I'm going to slow that down. As long as Trump is in office and the health care industry is in chaos; I'm going to stay in my secure job. We aren't looking at moving for another 8 years or so so there is plenty of time.

There are six classes that I can take as a part time student that will go towards the degree. If I do them a semester or so at a time I can pace myself to entering the program when things will hopefully be less terrifying. Meanwhile, I've placed out of math. HA HA HA. I can't math. I couldn't answer ANY of the math questions on the TEAS practice test so I had to order some math for dummy books. So, I've placed out of math HA but because I didn't take traditional English courses in college I have to take the placement test for English. I asked if having a Bachelor's degree could help me avoid this and they more or less laughed. This knocks me out of starting this semester. I plan to work on my math skills this semester and take a course or two in the fall. I'd do summer but summer is my busy season


Comes and goes when you least expect it. Everything will be fine and then I'll remember something or see/smell/hear/ and then I'm overwhelmed. We went through Tom's building and took a bunch of his tools and stuff to my house [inheritance]. It fucked me up for the whole weekend.


TV continues to be something I'm struggling or just plain not interested in. I'm enjoying Taboo and Vikings was entertaining if uneven. I've started Stitched, The Magicians, and Shadowhunters and I'm underwhelmed by the blahness of them. I had a short resurgence in the DC CW shows but that ended abruptly and I've no idea why.

I got myself a library card and picked up a book for Julia [I've asked her what she wants to read and we're going from there] and I wandered to the Young Adult section and picked up Tamorah Pierce on Andrea's recommendation. Our library isn't open on the weekends due to a lack of funding so I'm going to start utilizing them more to try and get their numbers up.

Took the kids and dogs! hiking yesterday. Did a tiny bit of running with Fury. I'm hoping I can keep some momentum going and move a bit every day this week

I think that's it

March 8

I gained 15 pounds in two weeks. I wasn't eating that much food. I pondered what it could be; then I discovered my thyroid medication wasn't the correct dose. Further investigation at the pharmacy revealed my dosage has been incorrect since January.

You had ONE job pharmacist. Thanks, CVS. I'm glad it only made me gain 15 pounds and didn't you know, kill me.

I wonder how horribly long it will take to lose. How much money I will have to spend on clothes in the meantime because I really can NOT wear my existing clothes?


April 4

That new end agreement is my good-bye. I'll be at dreamwidth, same name. Friend me if you like
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2014-06-30 08:33 pm
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I loved very nearly every single second of Penny Dreadful.

My Billie Piper crush remains fierce and I finally figured out why people think Josh Hartnett is cute. I'm ready for season 2.

[Timothy Dalton is aging *well*]

[I don't know who played Dorian Grey but ROWR see also finding Josh Hartnett hot]

and yet another fandom fits the icon
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2014-04-08 09:43 am

(no subject)

Went to see Winter Soldier last night. It was *so* good in so many ways, all of which you guys have already talked about I've nodded and agreed with everyone's posts and just rolled around in the joy of a fun, good movie with characters I care about and love.

I saw the non-3D version and I have a couple of questions for those of you who saw the 3D version.

1) There were several moments when both Steve and Natasha's make-up was just wrong. The foundation wasn't smoothly applied, the blush was out of control trying to 'contour' things that didn't need contouring, and the lips were very weirdly [pale pink ice] colored. I wondered if this was noticeable in the 3d version and if not, if it's an issue with making movies shot with different styles of cameras. [anyone who thinks Chris Evans' cheekbones need help with contouring is blind]

2) There was not one shot of Bucky with his Warpaint Camouflage Eyeliner. Not ONE and I was so disappointed not to see it. My friend didn't see it and we were both keeping an eye out for it. What the hell? Did the 3d version get the warpaint and 2d not? I do not understand.

3) I can see a Black Widow movie out of this. Please let us have it
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2014-03-25 09:14 am
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two vastly different shows --

Teen Wolf and The Good Wife both made a move for the same reason.spoilers )

In short, Chris Argent is my favorite. I kind of hope he adopts Isaac. Dear tv, give Derek a break and could Stiles please quit channeling Christian Slater circa Heathers? That'd be great, thanks.
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2014-01-30 07:10 pm

(no subject)

The Spartacus fan in me hopes that Manu Bennett (Crixus the Undefeated Gaul/Slade Wilson) and Cynthia Addai Robinson (Naevia/Amanda Waller) have screen time together. Or at least got to hang around a bit on set of Arrow.

Excellent episode
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2014-01-02 03:01 pm

Pick one

It's for the living room to get rid of the monstrosity that's there. photo
photo (2)



I like the curved blades and the nickel detail on the blades in the first one

I like the square light and only four blades on the bottom one.

THEY COST THE SAME. Although shipping is free on the bottom one and not the top

[Poll #1950643]
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2013-12-11 08:05 am

anyone want to see a basketball game in Boston?

In one of those, 'it could only happen to my boss' moments, he ordered 6 tickets for the Knicks vs. Celtics Friday December 13 in at the TD Garden in BOSTON. [he thought it was in NYC where he will be this weekend]

So. If anyone wants these tickets, they are free. I will fax/email a copy to you. If you know someone who wants these, have them PM me
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2013-11-15 10:18 am
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2013-11-13 08:32 am
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(no subject)

something a little bit lighter today.

Do you love Carabbas sausage and lentil soup? I do, as far as I'm concerned it's the best thing on the menu and unfortunately when I get the chance to go there [like, once every few years?] they are always sold out or it's not offered that day.

Guess what? I found the recipe.

1 pound green lentils

olive oil
1 lb Italian sausage <-- dear god, someone please tell me where to buy *good* Italian sausage in NC
1 cup diced onion (about 1 large)
1 ½ cups diced celery (about 4 stalks)
1 ½ cups diced carrots (about 3-2 large)
1 ½ cup diced zucchini (about 1 small) <-- this is the secret, I would never have thought to put it in as I consider this a winter soup and that's not a winter veg
1 tablespoon minced garlic (2 large cloves)

2 teaspoons kosher salt <-- depending on your broth and sausage this could be entirely way the fuck too much salt. Use your taste buds to test
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried thyme

6 cups chicken broth/veggie broth/water/whatever
2 (14 1/2 ounce) cans diced tomatoes, undrained

The Method that came with this recipe is shit. Here's mine or go your own way

brown the meat and drain the fat. While that's browning start cleaning and chopping veg. In the order of slowest cooking veg to fastest: carrots, celery, onion, garlic, zucchini

Saute slowest cooking veg in the pot first let them get hot before adding the next then proceed accordingly. Meanwhile pick through, rinse, and soak your lentils. When the saute is tender put the spices in. When that is smelling awesome throw in a splash of alcohol of some kind to de-glaze the pan, I used port. Then add your broth and drained lentils. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer. If you have a super awesome stove that may not be a big deal/time burner. It could take half an hour or so at my place :-( When the lentils are soft enough to eat but not *done* then add the tomatoes.

fun fact, if you put tomatoes in lentils too soon they will never get tender, the acid makes them firm up some

When all of that is bubbling together, add a handful of sausage. At this stage if you like to puree, puree. FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T BURN YOURSELF. Leave enough chunks to suit your taste, *then* add the rest of the sausage. If it's a little too meaty puree a bit more.
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2013-10-29 11:34 am

(no subject)

The Good Wife this week was possibly its best episode EVER. I love this season and I'm *so* relieved it turned around because it was going off the rails a bit in the past.

Even though I won't be able to watch until Thursday I can't wait for this week's SoA.